How Long Does It Take to Become a CNA? | What’s the Timeframe for Your New Career?

how long to become a cna

The journey to becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an achievable goal that does not take as long as many people might think.Finding the right CNA program to help launch a rewarding career in health care is a critical step for those who are interested. It might take some time to go through a … Read more

How Much Does a CNA Make? | Certified Nursing Assistant Salary & Job Outlook

find out how much cna earns

Are you mulling a career change as a CNA? Have you recently discovered taking care of patients as your calling? Or are you considering this job for its high demand and compensation? This post discussing how much do certified nursing assistants make should help you decide if this medical profession is financially worth your time … Read more

CNA Skills | All the Practical Knowledge You Need To Be A Proficient Nursing Assistant

A nurse with a patient

CNA is short for a certified nursing assistant. A CNA works closely with patients in a hospital or any medical setting but needs the supervision of an RN to perform her duties. They must also possess efficient CNA skills to properly help their patients to recover from their condition. These skills are learned from special … Read more