When is Nurse Appreciation Day and Week? (And What Happens)

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Since its founding in 1896, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has worked to support and promote the nursing profession around the world. At the local, state, and regional levels, each of the American Nurses Association’s state and territorial nurses’ organizations strives to enhance the nursing profession. On these days, each organization commemorates the contributions that … Read more

Is Nurse Practitioner a Doctorate Degree? Does an NP need a Degree?

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Every day, nurse practitioners (NPs) make a positive impact on the lives of their patients. They offer patient care, manage treatment programs, conduct research into the most recent advancements in healthcare, and are often active in teaching activities related to their field of expertise. But does a Nurse Practitioner need a degree? Yes, Nurse practitioner … Read more

Do Nurse Practitioners Work in Hospitals? (Can They?)

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Nurse practitioners provide care in a variety of locations, including rural areas, urban community health centers, college campuses, workplace employee health centers, other clinics, office practices, managed care organizations, and yes, hospitals. Nurse practitioners may also find employment with healthcare technology companies (for example, pharmaceutical manufacturers), perform healthcare research, teach in schools and universities, and … Read more

How Long Is Nurse Practitioner School?

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A Nurse Practitioner position is highly sought after by both companies and aspiring healthcare professionals. So, how long does it take to complete nurse practitioner school? This is dependent on where you begin, what your eventual objective is, and how much time you have to spend to it. Depending on your present level of education … Read more

What Do Nurses in Doctors Offices Do & How do They Help?

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As a medical practitioner, a doctor’s office nurse, or primary care nurse, delivers non-emergency healthcare to patients. If you have a regular doctor’s appointment, you’ll likely see a nurse practitioner or a nurse practitioner at an outpatient clinic. When a medical emergency arises, first responders must know how to administer basic first aid. Doctor’s office … Read more

How Much Is a Night Nurse? Hiring an Overnight Nanny

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Helping new parents throughout the first few weeks of their child’s life at home is what a night nurse or baby nurse does best. Newborn care professionals, sometimes known as “night nannies,” or a maternity nurse, generally work overnight, taking care of the infant while the parents sleep. Even though night nurses are also called … Read more