CNA Classes in Alabama | 10 Top Training Programs To Start Your Career

If you are wanting to become a CNA in Alabama, this guide will serve you as an invaluable resource for locating classes, learning about the process, and acquiring certification for your career. We will help you find CNA classes in Alabama, understand the process of getting your certification, and help you locate some free training courses that you can take advantage of. Our guide will walk you through the whole process and put you in the best position possible to succeed as a CNA in Alabama.

Who is the regulatory body for CNAs in Alabama?

Department of Public Health Alabama

It is important to know who regulates CNA certifications in Alabama so that you can make sure that you are compliant with all regulations and expectations to save you time and money down the road when you are taking CNA classes in Alabama. It’s also important to know who to consult when you have questions related to the process.

In Alabama, the Department of Public Health is the organization in charge of certification and maintaining CNA statuses of all individuals who are licensed. They make the regulations and ensure that CNAs are in compliance when they are going through the process. 

Who administers the CNA exam in Alabama?

In Alabama, it’s important to understand who administers the exam so you can know who to contact when you have problems or concerns related to the exam itself. The organization that administers the CNA exam in Alabama is the NACES Plus Foundation. They work together with Pearson VUE. The great thing about these two organizations is that they issue plenty of practice materials to help you prepare for your exam and ensure maximum chances for your success. These organizations are much more friendly to students than some other organizations across the country that also administer tests. 

Where can I take the CNA exam in Alabama?

There are a variety of facilities, educational institutions, and many other places that you can take your CNA exam that is convenient. Here are the places that you can take your CNA exam in Alabama:

  • Alexander City

  • Eufaula

  • Gadsden

  • Huntsville

  • Montgomery

  • Selma

  • Talladega

  • Tuscaloosa

Knowing the location of your possibilities is important for planning your exam and making sure that you are going to be able to get to your exam reliably with the transport you have at your disposal. Generally, it’s preferred among students that you take your exam at the place closest to your residence. 

Alabama State Requirements for CNAs

In order to become eligible to become a CNA in Alabama, there are some qualifications that you need to meet first. The most important is that you must complete CNA training at a facility that has been approved by the state and the regulatory body that is in charge of CNA certification in Alabama. We are going to list some of those programs in this guide.

You do have quite a few options, so feel free to screen your options and take your time making your decision. The facilities that are approved by the state will have a program code that adheres to the guidelines of the regulatory body and ensures quality learning within the CNA training program. 

Alabama CNA Exam Details

There are several steps in the exam process, so it’s important that you know each of them so that you can go through the process without any delays. Being organized and knowing what you need to do is definitely one of the most crucial aspects of becoming a CNA. After you have completed your training program at a state-approved facility, there is a time limit that you have to pass the CNA exam created by the regulatory bodies for CNAs. This time limit is 24 months. There is also a limited amount of attempts, which is 3. 

There are two main parts of the exam. The first is the clinical skills section where you will best tested on procedural knowledge and the second is the written section where you will document your answers to strategically-selected questions. If you choose to take the oral version of the written part of the exam, you can do it in either English or Spanish depending on your native language.

How much does the Alabama CNA exam cost?

Planning for the cost of your program is an important part of becoming a CNA. If you use the free training that is available to you, then you can become a CNA for a very affordable price. The price of the exam depends on whether you choose the written or oral exam for the second part of your CNA exam. If you choose to take the written exam, then the total cost of the exam is $100. If you choose the oral option for the second part of the exam, then the total cost is $120. In contrast with the adequate pay that you can receive for this investment, this is a pretty affordable cost to pay. 

Alabama Nurse Aide Registry

If you are going to be going through the process of becoming a CNA, then you need to know the contact information for the Nurse Aide Registry. They establish guidelines for becoming a CNA and have all the information that you need if you have questions about any part of the process. Here’s the contact information for the organization:

Alabama Department of Public Health Division of Health Care Facilities

The RSA Tower

201 Monroe St

Suite 700

Montgomery, AL 36104

Alternatively, you can reach them by phone at: 334-206-5169

How much does a CNA get paid in Alabama?

The CNA salary in Alabama is not known for being the most lucrative, but it is quite a stable career in comparison with the very small amount that you have to invest in order to become a CNA. In Alabama, the average annual salary for a CNA is about $23,000. This information is according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. It’s important to remember that in many cases, being a CNA is seen as a stepping stone to a more lucrative career in the medical field. In addition, it is easy to find CNA jobs in Alabama. 

CNA Schools

Calhoun Community College

The CNA program at the Calhoun Community College in Huntsville, Alabama is a 6-week course that is all-inclusive and will help you go through the process of becoming a CNA. It runs from 5:30pm-9:30pm Monday through Thursday over the course of 5 weeks to help those who want to become a CNA in the evenings and have limited availability. The course fee to become a CNA is only $799 and includes your textbook and a complementary set of scrubs.

Gadsden State Community College

The program at Gadsden State Community College is a basic, but a versatile option for those looking to capitalize on the demand for nursing professionals and CNAs. This program has three options. The first is the Basic option, which is a 5-week program that results in CPR certification and your CNA license in Alabama. The Hybrid option is a 9-week course that has some online work and results in CPR certification and your CNA license. The Advanced option is a 9-week program that includes your CPR certification, First Aid certification, CNA license, Phlebotomy certification, training in medical terminology, and professional development training.

Lawson State Community College, Bessemer Campus

The Lawson State Community College is one of the many community colleges in Alabama that offer full CNA education.

The total cost of this program is $1500 and it can be considered all-inclusive. The quality for the program, you must be a high school graduate, complete a health form, and receive all the necessary immunizations.

This is widely regarded as one of the more affordable training programs and ways to obtain your CNA license. This program takes 10 weeks and covers all necessary lab and medical training that you will need to become a CNA. 

Lawson State Community College, Birmingham Campus

The Birmingham campus of Lawson State Community College allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the reputable campus but at a location that might be closer to you. You can take the CNA program at either of these campuses and enjoy all of the great training that the college has to offer. 

Northeast Alabama Community College

The CNA program at the Northeast Alabama Community College offers comprehensive training for those who are seeking to become CNA professionals. This program is a blend of classroom work, internships, and lab practice that gives you hands-on experience. The program will teach you basic patient care and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced nursing staff who each know what it takes to become a CNA. You will learn how to care for those who need help which includes, grooming, feeding, checking vital signs, changing linens, and other basic tasks that help those in your care to be comfortable. 

Shelton State Community College, Martin

The program offered by this college is a 25 credit hour program that is a combination of theory, lab, supervised medical care, and classroom work.

The class is taught at both the college and the local healthcare facilities to give you good hands-on experience on the job.

You can earn both a short-term certificate for becoming a CNA and complete necessary testing to be placed on the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry, which could put you in line for increased opportunities. 

This college is known for setting up their graduates to be in the best situation possible to succeed and earn good money after they complete their certification.

Southern Union State Community College

The Southern Union State Community College is located in Opelika, Alabama. The total tuition costs for the CNA program at this college is about $4000. This college has instructors that have decades of experience and collaborates with the Alabama Board of Nursing to ensure that you have the best education possible and that you are properly prepared for the exams that you will need to take in order to become a CNA or enter the nursing profession. 

Bevill State Community College

Bevill State Community College is a reputable small college that helps its CNA students understand the responsibilities of CNAs as well as CNA qualifications and get the best career opportunities that Alabama has to offer. Though the job prospects are almost always good for those in the nursing profession, wages aren't always the best. This college doesn't just focus on getting you a job, they place special emphasis on maximizing earnings potential by giving you actionable data and showing you how to capitalize on areas of need in the medical profession.

Chattahoochee Valley Community College

The CNA program at this university is a lengthy course schedule that provides each student with a very comprehensive education. It is one semester in length and the final course is a requisite for graduation. The last course is NAS 100 - Long Term Care Nursing Assistant. This course is a four credit-hour finale to your program that fulfills all the requirements laid out by regulatory bodies in Alabama for guidelines on becoming a CNA.

H. Houncill Trenholm State Technical College, Trenholm

The nursing program at Trenholm State Technical College is held in high regard for the practical skills that it helps to teach its students. The curriculum is fully approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. This nursing course is precise and compact. It is designed by those with decades of combined medical experience and teaches students to provide safe and effective care at their facility.