CNA Classes in Delaware | 6 Best Training Centers to Get Your Certification

If you are looking for CNA classes in Delaware, you are in the right place. We know everything about CNA training in Delaware and other topics relating to CNA certification in Delaware. We’ll show you everything that you need to know when it comes to CNAs in Delaware, the regulation that surrounds the certification, exams, and other information about the process of becoming a CNA in the state of Delaware. Follow along to learn the maximum amount of helpful information and save time and money by being prepared for your CNA classes, exams, and registration. 

Who is the regulatory body for CNAs in Delaware?

If you are going to become a CNA, it’s very important to know the important regulatory bodies for the profession since they are going to be issuing important guidelines and establishing all processes that are necessary for you to become a CNA. The organization responsible for setting regulations for CNA certification is the Delaware Division of Long-Term Care. You also need to test through Prometric and get your license through the Delaware Nurse Aide Registry. The first place to start is through the Division of Long-Term Care, which will give you the information and forms necessary to start the process of becoming a CNA. 

Delaware State Requirements for CNAs

There are a couple of deciding factors that determine if you are going to become a CNA in Delaware. The test for CNAs is issued by Prometric. They test both prospective CNAs and those in the Nurse Aide Registry of Delaware. For you to become a CNA in Delaware, you have to get the proper training from an organization or facility.

However, it cannot just be any organization. The facility must be approved by the Division of Long-Term Care. In addition to getting the proper training, you must also complete a certification exam to become officially certified. There are two parts to the exam. You must pass both of the parts to be approved to become a CNA.

Delaware CNA Exam Details

The company Prometric issues two separate exams that you need to pass to become a CNA. If you can score well on both of the exams, you can be added to the Nurse Aide Registry without action or fees on the part of you. This provides a path for a more affordable way to become a CNA. In addition to the two separate exams that you need to take, you also must obtain training from a registered facility. There are several ways and opportunities to study for the exam through organized training or your own private efforts. 

How much does the Delaware CNA exam cost?

Delaware is one of the few places that you can obtain free CNA training. There are several schools and accredited facilities that offer free CNA training for the preliminary part of your registration and eventual success as a CNA. Free CNA training provides you with a clear path to becoming a CNA for anyone regardless of financial situation.

To take advantage of the free CNA training, you just have to get in touch with one of the registered facilities that can train you as a CNA for free. 

While you can get training for free to become a CNA, the exam does cost money. The cost of the exam to become a CNA in Delaware is $115 combined for both the written and oral test. This represents a relatively small investment compared to other places that charge more for the CNA exam.

 Where can I take the CNA exam in Delaware?

There are several test sites that you can take the exam at throughout the state. Each of these locations is regulated and managed by Prometric, which is the company that issues and administers the CNA exam for both parts. Here are some of the locations that you can take the CNA test through Prometric:

  • Sussex County
  • Kent County
  • New Castle County

These locations offer you a convenient way to take the CNA exam in Delaware. Traveling to these locations and meeting the officials in charge is also a good way to find potential CNA jobs in Delaware. Another option that you have for taking the CNA exam in Delaware is by taking it at a certified nursing home or another training program location that is monitored by Prometric. 

How much does a CNA get paid in Delaware?

If you are looking at becoming a CNA in Delaware, it’s important that you know what to expect when it comes to wages and salary expectations. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, you should expect to make about $30,000 per year on average as a CNA. While this isn’t the highest wage out there, it’s also relatively cheap to get your certification and also doesn’t take that much time. So, if you are looking for a career that you can be passionate about that you also don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in getting certification for, then CNA jobs are a good option for you. 

Delaware CNA Training

All in all, the process of becoming a CNA and taking CNA classes in Delaware is easy and affordable.

These careers are always in demand and while they don't pay the best out of all medical degrees, the certifications are affordable to attain and provide thousands of people each year with an affordable path to a solid and reliable career. 

If you are looking at becoming a CNA in Delaware, the information presented in this analysis will be extremely helpful on your path to a new career.

CNA Schools in Delaware

There are several great reliable schools that you can take CNA exams and training classes at in Delaware. Here are some of the more popular options for schools in Delaware that offer these services. 

Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing at the Beebe Medical Center

nursing at the beebe medical center

This CNA school is widely known as one of the best schools for those seeking CNA education and exams.

The first benefit of this school is that you get small class sizes that make it much easier to learn in the environment. You'll get more one-on-one time with the instructor and you can receive a better, more hands-on education. 

The second thing that students love about this school is that they provide you with hands-on learning styles that not only makes it easier to learn but helps you to retain the information that you do learn. Lastly, the reputation of this school definitely has reached far and wide due to the quality of education that it provides. There are students and instructors even at Johns Hopkins University that recognize the brilliance of this program and all that it has to offer.

Delaware Technical Community College

At this program, students are expected to learn to perform nursing skills and other skills that are vital to the success in a CNA career. This is all done under the supervision of the licensed nurse facility. The primary goal of this program is to teach the prospective CNA about communication, observation, and the skill of documenting work and other health information. You will also learn about meeting the psychological, physical, and environmental needs of the patient that you are treating. Once you have successfully completed the course, you'll be qualified to take the exams that you need in order to become a CNA. The tuition that you pay for this course includes your books, uniform, testing, and other background checks that you may need. This is one of the more affordable and all-inclusive training programs in the state offered by Deleware Tech.

Tri-State Technical School

The Tri-State Technical school is a specialized school to help those who want to become a CNA achieve their goals in an organized way. The total training program takes 5 weeks and during that time, you'll learn about some of the latest and most modern treatment methods as well as all of the fundamentals that you need to know in order to be a good and qualified CNA. The total program costs about $2100 and is all-inclusive. It includes everything that you need to become a CNA and go through all the training and exams that you will need. It includes your textbook, workbook, messenger bag, second-hand watch, uniforms, blood pressure kit, first aid certification, CPR certification, state exam, Delaware state certification fee, Maryland state certification fee, and background check for all applicable states.

KFW Medical Institute of Delaware

kfw medical institute of delaware

The KFW Medical Institute of Delaware is a free training program for those who want to become a CNA and practice for the exam. This is a great way to affordably get all of the knowledge that you need in order to become a CNA.

While there isn't as much hands-on activity as other, more expensive programs, this course provides good value and gives a lot of knowledge from people who have been through the process before. If you're going to take this course, be sure to be organized and have everything in order because this is not the all-inclusive package that you'd expect. 

Still, it's a very effective way to take part in the process of becoming a CNA and make it a more approachable topic.

Lee Training Institute

Lee Training Institute is a hands-on, comprehensive training program located in Wilmington that will give you everything you need to become a CNA in the state of Delaware. The great thing about this program is that there are payment plans available for the tuition so that you don’t have to pay it all at once. If you are looking for an affordable program that works with those with lower budgets, this could be the one for you. You need a High School diploma, proof of residency, and $500 deposit to begin. The total cost of the program is $2975. 

Dawn Career Institute

Dawn Career Institute is a training facility located in Newark, DE that helps organize your CNA goals into one compact location with an easy-to-understand process. At this institute, you are taught by instructors that understand the field that they are teaching and have personally worked in that field. This allows you to get the most out of your education in a setting that will give you real-world experience from experienced individuals. This campus utilizes a blended system in which you have the option to learn some of the material online and the other half in person. This means that Dawn would be a good choice for those who need flexible scheduling options.