CNA Classes in Hawaii | 6 Best Training Programs in a Beautiful Environment

Whether you want to become a registered nurse or merely want to give back to your community, becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great path. Finding the best CNA classes in Hawaii can be difficult given the common misconception that RN and CNA pathways are the same.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best CNA classes Hawaii has to offer. Some of these will be single classes taken at a University while others will be full programs offered by registered medical facilities. Whatever your budget and schedule, there’s sure to be something perfect for you.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Hawaii

CNA training in Hawaii requires that a candidate complete an approved training program and apply for an Examination in order to obtain certification.

Every state-approved program requires 100 hours of study and can last between four weeks to a full semester in length depending on the exact program.

The training programs for this examination are designed to prepare students to pass the test and adequately care for patients in their future career.

The cost of the program varies greatly. Some schools offer program costs between $500 and $1700. Other facilities sometimes offer free training programs; these are typically very competitive.

Hawaii CNA Exam Details

The company Prometric is responsible for the CNA certification in Hawaii.

The Exam has two parts: one dealing with skills and one dealing with written knowledge. If necessary, a candidate may replace the written knowledge portion of the test with an oral version covering the same material. A score of 70% at minimum is required to qualify for certification and attain employment as a CNA.

Both the skills portion of the examination and the written or oral portion will be administered on the same day. In the event that a candidate fails one part of the evaluation, they will only be required to retake the failed part. This allows candidates to switch to the oral examination if they performed poorly on the written.

For studying, candidates may find content outlines of the evaluation and sample questions similar to the types on the actual test in their candidate bulletin. They will receive access to the candidate bulletin upon acceptance of their application.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Hawaii?

The Hawaii CNA Exam is administered by a third-party not directly related to candidates’ training schools. It is oftentimes Prometric, the same party responsible for the design and application for the test. The American Red Cross also administers the Exam in some scenarios.

The test is generally administered in a group setting under the watch of the test administrator to ensure proper test-taking etiquette and prevent cheating.

Hawaii State Requirements for CNAs 

The state of Hawaii requires all CNA applicants to take and pass the Nurse Assistant Competency Exam. In addition, a minimum of 100 hours at a state-approved Nurse Assistant Training School must be completed with 70 of those hours in lecture or lab environments. Furthermore, 30 of those hours must be performed in a supervised clinical setting to provide the applicant with on-hand experience.

How Much Does the Hawaii CNA Exam Cost?

The Hawaii CNA Exam costs $25 for the first evaluation fee. Beyond that, a $200 fee is required for the written/skill version of the examination, while $210 is required for the oral/skill evaluation. A $150 fee will be required to retake the skills portion of either examination. Retaking the written evaluation costs $50 and retaking the oral evaluation costs $60.

In addition, practice exams may be purchased for $10 at any time.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Hawaii?

There are both regional testing centers and facilities at the CNA schools in Hawaii where applicants can take their CNA Exams. Hawaii has six regional centers: Oahu-West, Oahu-East, Maui, Kauai, Kona, and Hilo. Applicants may indicate their preferred testing center when they send in their original application.

Test takers are allowed up to three attempts to pass both the skill and written portions of the evaluation within a two-year period.

After completing the test, candidates can see their results online after 48 to 72 hours. A mailed version of the score report will be sent out within 10 business days.

Hawaii Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

Typical CNA salaries in Hawaii are between $20,000 and $45,000. The exact salary varies depending on the position, seniority, and medical care facility. Hourly rates range between $11 per hour to $21 per hour, also depending on the above conditions.

Employment prospects for new nursing assistants are high as Hawaii's elderly population is growing due to an influx of retirees and general population extension as people live longer. Medical care is consistently becoming better and prolonging the lives of others.

List of CNA Schools

Leeward Community College

This program provides students with knowledge of the fundamentals of nursing and caregiving techniques.

The program consists of 150 hours divided into five different modules that each focus on a different aspect of the nursing assistant responsibilities that successful candidates will encounter.

The program does not require a high school diploma for application, although it does need a minimum ninth-grade reading level.

Placement tests to determine if a candidate qualifies for acceptance may be taken on Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8 AM and 2 PM. 

In addition, applicants must pass a physical examination which can be administered at Leeward upon setting an appointment.

The fee for this course is $2500.

Leeward offers a generous grant from several organizations. The grants totals $500 for incoming Nursing Assistant students. Students must apply for the grant, as not every applicant will receive the reward.

Kapiolani Community College

This college includes one course consisting of 150 hours of study to prepare entry-level nurse aides for the realities of caring for the elderly, ill and disabled. Students focus on areas of study that emphasize personal care, communication, and understanding and enforcing the rights of people who need support.

kapiolani community college

Tuition for this course costs $771 for residents or $2040 for nonresidents.

The class runs on two schedules: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This provides students with different options to suit their personal schedules. Each day of class will incorporate lecture or clinical time depending on the session.

Completion of this class also awards six college credits and a Certificate of Competence from the school.

The course accepts new students in fall and spring. Fall entry requires that applications be submitted between April 1 and May 15, and spring entry requires applications between August 1 and September 50.

In addition, all potential applicants must attend a nursing information session so they can be sure that they want to proceed down this career path. Some information sessions may be completed online, although this requires the completion of a participation form. 

The low overall cost and accessibility for this course make it a great choice for residents of Hawaii.

Windward Community College

winward community college

This community college offers a nursing program that combines classroom and clinical training.

The curriculum takes heavy influence from indigenous ideas and mixes concepts together with modern Western health science. The result is a program that is distinctly Hawaiian while still being based in real science.

Practical skills included in the program include the ability to obtain and recognize vital signs, bathing and grooming skills for disabled or elderly people, and communication skills to assist residents in homes to ensure their comfort and safety.

The program lasts for seven weeks. The first five weeks of the program consist of the primary class instruction component, with Classes Taking Pl., Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

The second portion of the program takes place on Monday through Wednesday and lasts two weeks. Clinical instruction commences from 5:30 AM to 2:30 PM on these days.

Tuition for this program is $2800 for the entire session. However, this program is subject to a number of different scholarships and awards that can significantly reduce student cost. Many students accepted into the program receive some form of financial aid as a result of these developments and opportunities.

University of Hawaii Maui College

university of hawaii maui college

This college offers CNA training under the umbrella of their larger nursing program. As a result, completion of this CNA program results in six college credits that may be applied to further education from the school or another University.

The program takes place over one semester and does not have a rigorous selection process.

However, students must be admitted into the nursing program of the University beforehand. Application to the University must be completed before either semester’s closing date: the program has both Fall and Spring semesters. 

This CNA program offers knowledge to prepare students for working in hospitals, health agencies, private nursing agencies, and extended care facilities. Understanding how to work beneath the supervision of an RN or LPN is included in the curriculum to ensure easy employment and good working strategies upon employment.

Tuition at this university costs $131 per credit for residents and $345 per credit for nonresidents. There are a number of scholarship options available for students. Admission into the program does require higher metrics than many other options, but the quality of the education is unparalleled.

In addition, this school provides ample opportunity for networking and possible pathways to immediate CNA jobs in Hawaii. 

Healthcare School of Hawaii

healthcare school of hawaii

Located in Aiea, this training program incorporates 84 hours of classroom instruction. It also adds 18 hours of required clinical experience in a nursing home setting.

This totals 102 hours of study. Students meet this requirement by attending class three times a week for four-hour sessions.

The classroom sessions will include training in the practical skills required for nursing positions and practice surrounding the recognizing and understanding of various vital signs.

Clinical practice is provided on weekends or weekdays depending on candidate and nursing home schedules. This program costs $750, although there are additional fees required for coarse related supplies and materials.

CNA Training International

The training program offered here consists of 150 hours of study that progress through a 4 to 6-week course. The crunch and time management required are high, but it allows students to get their certification more quickly than other programs.

Classes meet during the day or evening hours. Students can sign up for classes that suit their personal schedule more easily.

The total cost of the program is $1200, including class -related supplies. As it is an international program, there are two training locations in Hawaii for added flexibility depending on candidate location.

The program’s instructors rely heavily on hands-on information and training to prepare students for a career in nursing. Classroom experience is also included in the curriculum where students learn various medical and nursing theories to combine with practical experience in nursing laboratory or settings.