CNA Classes in KY | 10 Best Programs To Get a Nursing Assistant Certification in Kentucky

CNA classes in KY are the first step to a fulfilling career as a Nurse Aide. These careers are rising in demand, and now the training is more accessible than ever. There’s a wide range of options for CNA classes in KY, even if you’re a non-traditional student, and need a more flexible program to fit your needs.

Programs take students through the essential knowledge they need to pass the state exam and become registered as a Nurse Aide. Once you successfully complete your training and exam, you can work in a wide range of healthcare settings. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Kentucky?

CNAs in Kentucky are better referred to as State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNAs). The Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry maintains a list of the SRNAs in the state, as well as SRNAs that are determined to have been found to have conducted abuse of patients.

This is the closest to a typical CNA registry KY departments have, and serves much the same function as a CNA registry would in other states. The Kentucky Board of Nursing now maintains the list, and all facilities hiring CNAs must check the list before hiring. SRNAs can be looked up by registration number, or by name.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Kentucky?

To become a licensed CNA, Kentucky requires individuals to pass an exam called the Competency Evaluation Program (the CEP). Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) is the only state-approved administrating body of the exam.

There is a written portion, as well as a practical portion. Participants may attempt the exam up to three times, if needed. 

Nursing students and students that have completed Nurse Aide courses will be on a roster that is forwarded to the KCTCS College location that is nearest to you, or that you have indicated is your preferred location. 

Kentucky State Requirements for CNAs

CNAs in Kentucky are registered with the state, rather than certified, as some other states do. To become registered, you must complete 75 hours of nurse aide training in an approved course.

You will then be required to complete 16 hours of approved, supervised practical training as a nurse aide. After all training hours are completed and verified, you must pass the state exam.

After passing the exam, you’ll have to apply with the Kentucky Board of Nursing to be listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.

Kentucky CNA Exam Details

The Kentucky CNA license test is composed of two parts: practical and written. The written part is multiple choice, while the practical part is composed of five different nurse aide skills.

The written portion includes topics such as resident’s rights, personal health and hygiene, standard precautions, work behavior, infection control, catheter care, resident safety, dressing, grooming, and ADLs.

The practical portion is a demonstration of nurse aide skills. You will be required to complete five randomly selected skills. These must be performed in the correct steps, and some critical steps must be 100% accurate.

Both portions must be completed with at least 70% accuracy to pass. 

How Much Does the Kentucky CNA Exam Cost?

The Kentucky CNA exam, or the Kentucky Nurse Aide exam, costs $75. If you are required to retake the exam, you may attempt it up to three times in a single year. 

However, the $75 exam fee will still apply for any additional exams you must take to pass. The average nurse aide training program costs approximately $520 in Kentucky, and the programs tend to be short in length. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Kentucky?

KCTCS conducts all Nurse Aide testing, and the training as well. In many instances, this means you can take your exam at the same location where you completed your training. However, you’re not obligated to test at the site where you trained.

If you didn’t complete training through KCTCS, but have documentation of acceptable training (such as participating in nursing courses), you can contact a testing coordinator for approval. You can also request a list of approved testing locations, or view the locations online. There are exams throughout Kentucky at community colleges, represented by testing coordinators. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Kentucky?

The average CNA salary in KY is approximately $13 per hour, which may vary based on location and facility. The average overtime pay that nurse aides receive is about $4,000 annually.

CNA jobs in Louisville, KY are right about on par, at $13.39 per hour. CNA jobs Lexington, KY are slightly lower, while nurse aides in Owensboro earn close to $16 hourly. While this depends on location, Kentucky’s state wide average is nearly the exact same as the national average.

CNA Training Locations in Kentucky

There are plenty of approved training locations across Kentucky, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding an appropriate program. There are several schools in Louisville, KY, as well as larger cities such as Lexington and Henderson.

You can also find nurse aide training locations in Somerset, Prestonsburg, Owensboro, Madisonville, Hazard, Elizabethtown, Cumberland, and Ashland.

These locations are all housed in Community or Technical colleges, as well as schools that offer a combination of community and technical programs. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System is in charge of CNA training programs. 

Somerset Community College, Somerset

Somerset Community College has plenty of program options, which is helpful for non-traditional students. They offer on campus courses, online learning, as well as hybrid style courses.

The NAA 100 course (nurse aide training) is available in both Spring and Fall semesters, with either 8 or 15 week course options. They also have a faster paced Summer program, which lasts only 2 to 3 weeks.

The main campus is in Somerset, although they offer courses at a variety of satellite locations. If Somerset is too far away, you can choose from programs at Russell, London, McCreary, or Clinton.

All students passing the course with a C grade or higher will be eligible to take the state nurse aide exam. 

Madisonville Community College

Madisonville Community College offers classes for nurse aide training at the Muhlenberg campus.
They have a 2 month program in the second half of the spring semester, a late start course. Classes begin in March, and end in early May. 

 The NAA 100 nurse aide training course aims to teach students all the vital skills they need to succeed in long term care facilities, and to pass the state nurse aide exam. They aim to get students immediate placement after course completion. The NAA 100 course is also a required part of applying to the integrated nursing program.

This program is eligible for federal aid funding, so prospective students should complete their FAFSA to see if they qualify for financial aid. 

Henderson Community College

The Nursing Assistant program at Henderson Community College prepares students to work in a wide variety of settings as a nurse’s aide. After completion of the program, students can work in assisted living, long term care, health agencies, hospitals, and much more.

The program meets all the requirements laid out by the Kentucky Medicaid agency, which leads to better career opportunities for those that complete it successfully. It also serves as a prerequisite for their longer health care programs.

The college offers prospective students plenty of information about the nurse aide career field, helping them find direction. From this program, you can earn a Kentucky Medication Aide Certificate, or continue with credit to an applied science degree. 

Saint Catharine College

The CNA program at Saint Catharine College is unique, in a great way. Their CNA training course is paired with a Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS) training program.
This allows students to qualify to take the nurse aide exam, and earn a BLS certificate.

It’s highly comprehensive, and as a result, there’s limited registration; it’s advised that you register early if you want to ensure you get a spot in the program.

This program includes everything you need, and by the end you’ll have your AHA card and CNA license. The program tuition even includes scrubs, medical testing (Mantoux TB and additional TB tests), fingerprinting fees, and exam fees. The college also helps students find placement upon program completion.

Ashland Community and Technology College

Ashland Community and Technology College offers four week courses to prepare students for the nurse aide exam, and a successful career afterwards. The course is slightly longer than the required 75 hours (the program is 80 hours), but very thorough.

Successful completion of the program has another benefit; students are awarded three credit hours, which can be used to continue with another healthcare career pathway.

SRNA courses last approximately four weeks, and are offered in October and November. The training will be offered at the Technology Drive Campus. After the course, students will be able to work as nurse aides in a variety of long term care settings. 

Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College

The Nursing Assistant program at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College does not have prerequisites for students to be eligible to enroll, so it’s open to those trying a new pathway to a healthcare career.

The course focuses on teaching students to properly and safely care for patients in a wide range of health care settings, and with a range of health conditions. Students will learn all about assisting nurses with patient care and daily activities.

They offer flexible program options, with both day and evening classes available. Classes are also available in fall and spring semesters, at the Harlan, Cumberland, Whitesburg, and Pineville campuses. Enrollment may be limited, so early application is suggested. 

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College

The Elizabethtown Community & Technical College offers a Nurse Aide training program for students interested in working in long term care. The program is approved by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services, and designed to help students pass the state nurse aide competency exam.

Before being accepted to the program, students need to complete the nurse aide packet, available in the Nurse Aide Office of the Academic Technical Building. If you can’t visit the office, you can also get the form from their website.

The program evaluates students’ skills, and successful completion requires at least 70% scores on program exams, as well as 100% attendance for classes. 

Hazard Community & Technical College

The Hazard Community & Technical College offers a course to help students gain real life skills and knowledge needed to have a successful career as a nurse aide.
The course focuses on the most important aspects of patient care as a nurse aide. Main learning objectives include resident care and resident rights, nursing skills, workplace communication, and infection control.

After completing the course, students can take exams to qualify for a Medicaid Nurse Aide certificate, or a Kentucky Medication Aide certificate. Classes are offered in both spring and fall semesters, but registration is limited to 15 students per class.

This college offers the NAA 100 course (for nurse aide skills), as MNA 100 (for Medicaid Nurse Aides) and KMA 100 (for Kentucky Medication Aide training).

Bluegrass Community & Technical College

Bluegrass Community & Technical College is located in Lexington, and they offer a Nursing Assistant course with plenty of flexibility. They focus on training students that want to help make a positive impact on the health and wellness of others as a nurse aide.

Students must first apply or register with the college, and can apply to the nursing assistant program after admission. They use Blackboard to make learning easier for students, and to make more resources available outside of the classroom.

The course fees include malpractice insurance, as well as the fee for the Kentucky State Competency Exam. Courses are offered in Spring and Fall semesters, although it’s important to note that students are encouraged to apply in advance of the program starting. 

Jefferson Community & Technical College

CNA classes in Louisville, KY can be found at Jefferson Community & Technical College. The program is part of a modular nursing career pathway, making it easy for students to progress their career if they choose to move up in the nursing field. They also have a Nurse Aide training program that includes CPR training and certification.

All students that complete the program successfully receive a certification from the college, as well as preparation for the Kentucky Board of Nursing License Verification and Nursing Aide Competency exam.

Students can choose to complete the NAA 100 course for nurse aide training, which qualifies as 3 credit hours. The other program option is the HST 104 course, which includes CPR training, and counts as 3.5 credit hours.