CNA Classes in Louisiana | 10 Best Schools To Fast-track Your Career

Entering the medical field CNA be difficult. Most people are understandably intimidated by the thought of medical school, not to mention the cost involved. You only might need a few months to make your entrance into the field though, as long as you choose a good CNA program in Louisiana.
CNA classes in Louisiana will prepare you to join the medical field for a low cost, and in only a few months too. Take a look here to learn everything you need to know, and to find just the right school to get started on your journey.

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Louisiana?

For many states, CNAs are regulated by the department of health. The same goes for Louisiana, where the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals controls CNA certification in Louisiana, along with the registration of CNAs in the state. They ensure that you know the proper skills to work and that all your patients will remain safe by providing all CNAs proper training.

Louisiana State Requirements for CNAs

If you’d like to become a CNA, you’ll need to know Louisiana CNA requirements before you begin. This means that you’ll need to complete a nurse aide training program, along with a competency evaluation program. In total, that’s 80 hours split evenly between 40 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of practical training. Once your training is done, you CNA take your certification exam.

Louisiana CNA Exam Details

After you're done taking your CNA classes in Louisiana, you'll take the actual exam. This is 75 questions of a written exam. If you'd prefer to take an oral exam instead, that will then be 60 questions. Next, you'll need to do a skills examination which will cover 5 certain skills that you will need to demonstrate. These are skills like cleaning a denture, hand hygiene or helping someone feed themselves.

Where I Take the CNA Exam in Louisiana?

To get your CNA license in Louisiana, be ready to take your exam anywhere in the state. You should be contacted about where to take it before the exam, and since there are multiple locations throughout the state, you should be able to take it somewhere relatively nearby.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Louisiana?

You may not be in it for the money, but of course, a big question for you is the CNA salary in Louisiana. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, you CNA generally earn an average of $21,880 in Louisiana, which is lower than comparable states like Indiana. It does depend on which city you're in though since you will earn more in a place like New Orleans compared to smaller areas.

CNA Classes in Louisiana

Southeastern Louisiana University

Join Southeastern Louisiana University to find CNA jobs in Louisiana. Their School of Nursing is recognized as a leader in the preparation of nurses and nursing assistants.

You CNA join any one of their programs to gain your certification with the many other students and amazing professors. Just click around online to find the program you’re interested in and check out their website online to find more information about how you CNA join.

Grambling State University

You CNA enroll in your certified nursing assistant classes right at Grambling State University if you live in the area. They'll help you get started on your classes so that you CNA work in hospitals, clinics, or other nursing facilities. You will be certified to work under the guidance of a licensed LPN or RN and will aid the nurses that you work under. Your patients will appreciate such a thorough training program too, once you complete your classes at Grambling State of course.

Delgado Community College, City Park

Delgado is all about making sure that you're prepared to be employed in a long-term care facility, home health agency, or hospital.

These are the places where all the basic bedside nursing care is needed after all.

During classes here, you'll have classroom instruction that teaches you the basic nursing skills you need and will show you the computer skills required in the healthcare industry too. 

Join no matter what level of education you have and get started on your certification.

Dillard University

Located right in New Orleans, you CNA attend the private, not-for-profit Dillard University. They’re completely approved to offer you nursing programs that are approved by the Board of Nursing. In the city environment, you’ll learn all about what you need to do to care for your patients. And thanks to the large campus, there will be many students to interact with, without feeling like your professor has no time for you. That’s what makes the 14 to 1 student-faculty ratio so great.

Baton Rouge Community College

Get prepared to join the medical field at Baton Rouge Community College. You'll start here with your classroom instruction, which will introduce you to health care, basic skills, the body, and even the job-seeking process.

Baton Rouge Community College is committed to helping you become a CNA and also find a job after the training. 

Participate in clinical activities to learn more under the supervision of an instructor, including the computer skills you need in the field.

Bossier Parish Community College, Bossier City

Join the Bossier City community at this public institution, which is of course approved to offer nursing programs by the Louisiana Board of Nursing. There’s a good student-to-faculty ratio at this school that means that you will be cared for during the duration of your program, and will have many students and professors to speak to as well. 

Nunez Community College

When you become a nursing assistant, you become capable of providing bedside care to patients in multiple healthcare settings. You only have to finish your training course to entre into the field. Take your classroom instruction, which will show you everything you need to know about basic skills, body structure and function, and infection control. 

Northshore Technical Community College, Florida Parishes

Get ready to get started at the Florida Parishes as part of Northshore Technical Community College. Not only will you learn all about the body and about how to care for patients, but you’ll also learn the computer skills you need to join this field efficiently. Work with your instructor to complete your course before you take your exam, and get started on your new career. Just check in with the school to see when your program is offered before you get going.

Northshore Technical Community College, Sullivan Campus

Northshore Technical Community College has another campus in another location as well: the Sullivan Campus. They know how important everyone in the medical field is, which is why you'll be put through a proper training program which will ensure that you know exactly what to do when you enter the field. Talk more with the school to learn more about why this campus might be the best place for you and what makes this program especially unique.

Louisiana Delta Community College

You don’t only learn about medical skills as Louisiana Delta Community College. You also learn about professionalism and customer service when you join this program. Join in to begin your classroom instruction, and to start your clinical activities as well. As a graduate, the college will assist you in finding employment in a care facility quickly, especially since this program is a little longer than others, with 135 training hours and clinical training of 104 training hours.