CNA Classes in Maine | 7 Top Schools for Future Certified Nursing Assistants

If you are aiming to start CNA classes in Maine, you must be prepared for the amount of work and responsibility that comes with the job. You will need to complete hours upon hours of classes, as well as clinical work and practice to get a CNA license in Maine.
There are many amazing CNA schools to attend to earn your license, as well as training locations for when you are ready to take the next step in your career path. Here is the general information you will need to know about becoming a CNA in Maine.

Who is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Maine?

Regulatory bodies make sure that proper healthcare is provided by professional licensed nurses. Proper regulation is required to make sure that nurses are fulfilling their duties to the public's health and welfare. The regulatory body for the CNA registry in Maine is the Division of Licensing and Certification, A Division of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.
CNAs are responsible for providing highly certified care for their patients and maintaining the welfare of those who may have a difficult time providing care for themselves. Without CNAs, many disabled and elderly individuals would not receive the help they need to live and get around. Everyone deserves to have the proper care that CNAs can provide.

Maine State Requirements for CNAs

To fulfill the Maine CNA requirements, you must complete a 180-hour long training program. The program is divided into three main parts: 90 hours of classes, 20 hours of clinical work, and 70 hours of supervised clinical practice.
If you have received your CNA certification in another state, you may be able to transfer the credentials if you have met the requirements in Maine. 

Maine CNA Exam Details

One important detail of becoming registered in the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants & Direct Care Workers is that there are no CNA exams. However, there are free practice tests available for candidates who want to test their knowledge and see if they are qualified for the job. The practice tests also work as a way to prepare your actual CNA work.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Maine?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that the average annual CNA salary in Maine is around $27,250. This amount can vary depending on what part of Maine you decide to work in. This information may also not account for any possible raises you may receive during your time as a CNA and any other qualifications you have earned.

CNA Training Locations Maine

There are 26 different training locations around Maine to choose from to work to become a licensed CNA. Most CNA training programs require tuition to participate. 

More detailed information about each training location is provided online, along with a list of the different locations that may interest you and the offers that you can receive from training there.

Southern Maine Community College, Main Campus, South Portland

The Southern Maine Community College's Main Campus has a high-quality nursing program that works to prepare future CNAs for their job in the medical field. Once they have completed the nursing program and receive their associate degree, they will be able to advance to the NCLEX Registered Nurse license exam to take the next step in their training process.
The students will receive a good mixture of nursing and general education to have a balanced educational base for their CNA training. Students have to receive a passing course grade of 76 or better to complete the program. 

York County Community College

York County Community College provides education for students of many different backgrounds. It is one of the seven colleges of the Maine Community College System that are highly qualified to give their students a high-quality education. They offer over 30 degree and certificate programs.
The associate degree program for nursing is offered through partnerships with Southern Maine Community College. 

York County Community College can provide a flexible course schedule to their students of all ages to balance their personal lives. They offer their students a supporting and affordable learning environment so they can succeed in their careers. 

Washington County Community College

Washington County Community College provides a CNA training program that involves spending plenty of time in the classroom as well, as well as undergoing clinical time during their training. Students will then take the state exam to complete their training and get their CNA licenses. From that point on, they will be completely registered in the State of Maine CNA Registry.
Participants for the CNA program are in exceptionally high demand and the program itself is high quality. The demand is affected by the aging population that needs special intensive care by newly certified CNAs.

Central Maine Medical Center College Of Nursing and Health Professions, Lewiston

Central Maine Medical Center College Of Nursing and Health Professions works with their CNA students to become the best in their profession.
 They have set goals in place to reassure they're up and coming CNAs of the overall importance of their tasks.
These goals will help them enter the healthcare field with a positive outlook and proper knowledge of everything they are setting out to accomplish. 

Some of these goals involve caring for disabled patients, controlling infections, and culminating overall clinical skills. These skills will help them grow as healthcare professionals who are well deserving of their credentials.

St. John Valley Technology Center

The St. John Valley Technology Center provides quality education for future CNAs and other healthcare providers. They have an articulation agreement with the University of Maine Fort Kent. With this agreement, students will be able to earn four college credits in their nursing program.
This college gives students the chance to see what kind of possibilities await them in their fields of study and what studying in the medical field can offer them. This is a highly effective way to allow their students to learn and grow in a supportive educational environment so they can graduate and accomplish amazing things.

United Technologies Center

The United Technologies Center gives students the chance to fulfill their DHHS and DLRS requirements to become a certified CNA. The students must undergo a background check from UTC and fill out an application packet before being interviewed for enrollment.
 The students will also be able to take the state exam there.

Having students be able to complete all of their required hours of classroom instruction, skills lab instruction and clinical training will be a huge advantage to helping them become certified CNAs. The training usually takes place during Friday nights and Saturdays at an authorized healthcare facility. 

Oxford Hills/Buckfield Adult Education

Oxford Hills/Buckfield Adult Education provides many different courses for students who are aiming to become registered as CNAs. If students decide to take the Buckfield Open Learning Labs class for their diploma or GED credentials, then their tuition fees will be waived. It is open to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge in reading, writing, and mathematics.

The CNA program at Oxford Hills provides more than the required 180 hours of work and training that is required by Maine. Students must be prepared to spend 12 weeks in the program to become a fully certified CNA.