CNA classes in Massachusetts | 10 Best Accredited Schools for Future Nursing Assistants

Becoming a CNA in Massachusetts requires the development of a certain set of skills. CNA classes in Massachusetts will prepare CNA candidates basic, entry-level nursing skills that will qualify them to work in a hospital or nursing home setting under a registered nurse.Getting qualified as a CNA not only requires taking classes but passing an exam that provides CNA licensing. This exam is typically administered through the Red Cross, which has locations all around Massachusetts.While the steps to becoming a CNA can seem lengthy and expensive, completing all the requirements will provide you with the opportunity to begin your career as a healthcare professional.

Who is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Massachusetts?

The Department of Health and Human Services is primarily responsible for and regulates the Nurse Aide Training Program in MA.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Massachusetts?

The Red Cross is responsible for administering the NACE, the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation. This exam is the way to get a CNA license in MA. You can take one of our CNA practice exams to prepare for the NACE.

Massachusetts State Requirements for CNAs

To receive CNA certification in Massachusetts, you must complete a CNA program in MA totaling 100 hours of training made up of 75 classroom hours and 25 hours of clinical training. Then, take a two-part nurse aide test.The clinical work requires candidates to physically practice taking care of patient needs. There are many CNA programs to choose from in MA, including classes taught through the Red Cross. The Red Cross classes have a few prerequisites, including reading and math assessments, a background check, a physical check, and a full orientation. If you have a high school GED, the reading and math assessment are unnecessary.Some programs are more expensive than others and CNA classes typically range between $850 and $2000. When the classes are complete and you have passed the NACE, you will be placed on the Nurse Aide Registry for Massachusetts. Then, you must renew your registration every two years.

Massachusetts CNA Exam Details

The NACE (Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation) serves as the CNA exam in MA. This two-part exam is administered by the Red Cross if it can not be completed at the candidate’s training location. 

The candidate must apply for the exam and will be notified of their date a little over a week before the exam. If you are unable to attend the date you are assigned, you can reschedule to another date within the same year.To complete the exam, candidates must complete both a multiple-choice section and a clinical skills evaluation. It costs $93 for both parts and the candidate should complete both on the same day.To complete the clinical skills evaluation, you are required to bring someone who will act as the patient and you will have to practice your skills on this person.When the test is completed, the results will be sent out around three weeks afterward. If you don’t fail, you can retake the multiple-choice section four times and the clinical section three times.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Massachusetts?

When you taking the CNA exam, you should first check whether or not you can take it at the location where you completed your CNA training in MA. If you cannot take it there, find the closest Red Cross location to you.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid In Massachusetts?

CNA salary in MA typically lies within the $30,000 annually range, with the average being $32,340 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. However, there is some variation. Often, the CNA salary depends on education and experience. Some CNAs make as low as $31,000 while some makeup to $38,000. With more experience, there are opportunities to make even more.

Additional CNA Classes in Massachusetts

Classes through the Red Cross are a great option to get CNA certification in Massachusetts. The Red Cross has one of the best CNA programs you can get and offers experience with the newest technology.Red Cross CNA classes in Massachusetts are offered during the day and provide both classroom and clinical experience. You’ll first have to receive clearance from the Department of Justice and pass a few exams before you can enroll in a class.The Red Cross CNA programs are designed to help students reach the goal of becoming a CNA or find a profession in the healthcare industry. Classes are available year-round and there are many convenient locations all over Massachusetts. Expect a Red Cross CNA class to take four to eight weeks.Besides the Red Cross, many community colleges offer CNA programs in MA. Some of these colleges include Middlesex Community College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, and North Shore Community College.

CNA classes in Massachusetts

Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College offers its CNA program at its Lowell campus. The curriculum consists of skills training, lectures and hands-on clinical practice. Classes are offered during the day, at night, on weekends and in accelerated formats, so you can easily work for classes around your schedule.

Middlesex’s program has the goal of not only preparing students to take the CNA exam but providing them with the organization and work skills to help excel in the workplace. Curriculum also deals with people skills for handling other medical staff, patients and patient families.

Bunker Hill Community College

The CNA training program at Bunker Hill Community College is made up of three classes that students take at the same time. The classes are Principles of Clinical Practice, Patient Care Skills and Practicum for Nurse Aide.The combination of these three classes give CNA students the necessary skills for completing both the knowledge and practical exams. Completion of all three will qualify the student to take the certification exam at the Red Cross. Before you can sign up for Bunker Hill’s program, you must pass Criminal Offender Record and Sex Offender Registry checks. These important background checks are for the protection of patients who may be under the care of the student.

North Shore Community College

At North Shore Community College, students in the CNA program prepare for both CNA and Home-Health careers.

The 100 hours that make up this training program consists of both in-class learning and clinical experience at a local nursing home.

Because students learn in a nursing home, they receive a Home Health Aide Certificate and CMS Hand in Dementia training as well as CPR certification and preparation for the CNA exam. This program is great for students who would like to work in a nursing home as a career. It covers a variety of skills and is DPH approved.

Bristol Community College

To help students start their career, Bristol Community College’s curriculum prepares students to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies.The college has a nursing arts laboratory where students will complete their clinical training. The clinical practice can be completed days, nights and weekends at the convenience of the student. Some goals of Bristol Community College’s programs are to provide students with all the physical skills necessary to be a healthcare professional, inform them of proper behavior to work in these environments and teach them all necessary body knowledge.Admission to the program requires a high school GED and specific background checks.

Cape Cod Community College

Cape Cod Community College has a pretty large and extensive amount of training programs for the healthcare industry. The Nursing Assistant program is just one among medical assisting, interpreting and diagnostic technician programs.While the Nursing Assistant program is technically designed to prepare students for Cape Cod’s Nursing program, it serves well as CNA training. The program teaches entry-level students about all necessary nursing skills needed to become a CNA.The course takes 15 weeks to complete, with three meetings per week. The classes can be taken either in the morning or the evening. To fulfill the clinical work necessary, students have the opportunity to work in both nursing home and hospital settings.

Quinsigamond Community College

The two-semester program at Quinsigamond Community College requires students to take a series of classes that will provide them with all the requirements for passing the CNA exam.

The classes include a Medical Terminology class, Human Biology, and Introductory Nursing Assistant class and more. The Healthcare and Workforce Development Center where the program is completed is located in Worcester. Clinical practice is performed at local clinical sites located within Worcester. You may complete 50% or more of this CNA program online. Students should also expect to travel to clinical settings within the Worchester region. Do note that some first semester classes do require a high school diploma or GED.

Springfield Technical Community College

Springfield Technical Community College’s CNA program, called the CNA Plus Program, is one of the more intensive programs out there. It consists of 140 hours of coursework and clinical experience and requires students to be in class Mondays through Thursdays for five and a half hours every day.This is not the program for someone who already works a full-time job. However, if you can commit to the program you’ll come out with some great benefits.After completion, students receive CPR and CNA certification, a Home Health Aide Training Certificate and Alzheimer’s and Neurological Disorders Training.

Massachusetts Bay Community College

The CNA program at Massachusetts Bay Community College is called the Nursing Assistant Program. It is another intense program at 120 hours and it prepares students to take the NACE.

Besides the typical background tests, students must complete a math skills test and attend an orientation before being able to enroll in the program.

After acceptance, students are expected to commit to a semester’s worth of work and attend every single class and clinical practice with 100 percent attendance.

University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester

For the student interested in pursuing a graduate degree, the University of Massachusetts medical school offers some great nursing programs. Students can get the necessary education required to take the CNA exam. Beyond CNA certification, the Medical School offers graduate degrees in Nursing. Students who want to become a registered nurse can pursue these degrees.

Grafton Job Corps Center

Some students come from difficult economic backgrounds and are unable to complete CNA programs for financial or other reasons.

For these students, Job Corps centers are the solution to get on the right career track.

Job Corps centers provide free education, housing and training for low-income and special needs teens and young adults who need assistance completing high school GED and getting specific job training. There is a Job Corps center in Grafton where disadvantaged students can get CNA training. You can tour the Job Corps campus, apply and attend an information session for more information.