CNA Classes in MS | 10 Best Training Programs To Get a Nursing Assistant Certificate in Mississippi

Anyone aiming to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Mississippi knows that there is a lot of work they must do to reach their goal. To receive a Mississippi CNA license certification, they must attend a training program and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam.
Taking CNA classes in Mississippi will help you earn the experience and credentials you will need to progress in the field of health care. There are many training locations to choose from, such as CNA classes in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Laurel, and Gulfport in Mississippi. Find success in your chosen location. 

Who is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Mississippi?

Regulatory bodies ensure that proper conduct is being displayed by the professional healthcare providers by each state. They are responsible for the CNA registry in every state and they make sure that the CNAs listed in their registry are applying their skills and knowledge from training into effect to give patients the legal, ethical, and safe care that they deserve.
The regulatory body for CNAs in Mississippi is the Mississippi State Department of Health. The MSDH takes care of all of the regulations for healthcare facilities. They give certification to high-quality healthcare professionals who have completed their training and demonstrated their skills to the fullest.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Mississippi?

Every CNA exam is going to have an administrator that is responsible for allowing candidates to complete their exams in a secure, distraction-free environment. All test centers are proctored to ensure that they remain that way so the candidates can get through their exams without any issues. The CNA exam is administered by Pearson Vue throughout the state of Mississippi. 
Pearson Vue is a reliable and professional testing website that is computer-based and handles testing for many governments, IT, professional, and academic programs. It is the world's largest test center network, and also one of the most secure. 

Mississippi State Requirements for CNAs

To become a licensed CNA in Mississippi, you must complete a nurse aide training program and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam. Going through proper training and passing the NNAAP will bring you one step closer to your solid career path as a licensed CNA. With the proper documentation and credentials, you will be able to take the exam if any of the following apply to you:

  • Graduate nurse
  • Student nurse
  • Nurse aide trained in any Mississippi nursing home
  • Lapsed Nurse Aide Certification
  • A candidate who had petitioned for removal due to allegations of neglect
  • Foreign or out of state LPN/RN

How Much Does the Mississippi CNA Exam Cost?

There are two parts to the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam that every aspiring CNA candidate must pass to become fully licensed caretakers. One part consists of a 70 question multiple-choice test, and the other part consists of a clinical skills test in which you will have to demonstrate five important CNA clinical skills. However, candidates also have the choice of taking an oral exam instead of a written one.
Both sections of the NNAAP are taken on the same day. In total, the cost of this exam will amount to $101 for every candidate.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Mississippi?

There is a large variety of facilities around the state of Mississippi where Pearson Vue administers the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam. Pearson Vue will be able to provide you with information about each one of their testing sites on their official website.

To take the NNAAP exams, you must complete the CNA training program approved by the state of Mississippi, submit an application for testing, and read the student handbook. You will not be allowed to receive help from anyone during the skill demonstration section of the exam, or else the test will be forced to end.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Mississippi?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that the average yearly CNA salary in Mississippi is $22,790. The annual salaries of each healthcare facility in the state of Mississippi do vary. This likely depends on the region or the amount of work or qualifications that newly certified CNAs have or will endure.

One of the highest paying locations healthcare facilities is in Southaven, Mississippi. Once CNA students have completed their training, they will be qualified to apply for a position as a CNA for a variety of nursing homes or other types of medical faculties in the state of Mississippi.

CNA classes in MS

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community offers 100-hour courses every year for their nursing students with CNA classes in Mississippi beginning in the summer, spring and fall semesters. If you choose to attend HCC, you will be able to participate in the Nursing Assistant Course program and Health Care Assistant Program at the Nursing & Allied Health Center. Both of these training programs will teach you how to provide basic quality healthcare to patients in hospitals, their homes, and long-term care facilities.

Completing the Nursing Assistant training program will allow you to qualify for the certification test to become a nursing assistant. Completing the Health Care Assistant program will qualify you to earn the Certificate of Health Care Assistant and qualify you as a Homemaker or Nurse Assistant, along with other healthcare career positions.

East Mississippi Community College

East Mississippi Community College offers workforce training to their nursing assistants for them to gain hands-on experience in different healthcare settings. You will be able to work in places such as home health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and many other healthcare environments. You will be supervised by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses while you are taking part in workforce training.
During the ten-week time period in which the program takes place, you will be in contact with numerous patients and other healthcare professionals. You will work to provide personal healthcare to disabled and elderly patients and completing tasks such as taking vital signs, bathing, feeding, and completing many other required tasks. You must complete 16 hours of clinical training to complete the program.

Holmes Community College

Holmes Community College offers both in-person and online classes, along with training in 10 qualifications. Amongst those qualifications are the CPR Certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification, which will be essential certifications for potential CNAs. The education training normally takes up to two years to complete and the cost to attend can vary depending on different qualifications for each student.

HCC is normally praised for their exceptionally positive learning environment and the hands-on training that the students have been able to receive during their training program. Additionally, the flexibility that you will receive with the class hours will also become a benefit to you if you have a heavy schedule. HCC will help you surround yourself with a positive educational environment where you can receive the qualifications you need.

Meridian Community College, Meridian

The Health Care Assistant Program at Meridian Community College is a 16-hour long college credit program. CNA students will participate in this program over one full semester. While you are in the program, you will be able to learn about administering basic and special healthcare to patients while also learning about bodily functions and first aid procedures.
The HCA program is offered during both fall and spring semesters and will allow you to obtain the basic skills you need as a healthcare provider. Once you have completed this program, you will be able to apply for the NNAAP exam so that you can become certified as a Nurse Assistant in the state of Mississippi. You will have many employment opportunities once certification is earned.

Itawamba Community College

Nursing assistant classes are available for enrollment at Itawamba Community College's Belden Center. Clinical and CPR classes will last for full-day sessions, but every normal class will last four hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Taking this class will help you receive the basic knowledge and skills you will need to take the next step in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.
When you complete the training program along with the exam, you will have the opportunity to become employed at medical centers, nursing homes, and in-home care for patients. The whole cost of the nursing assistant will be a total of $425. You should attend this course if you want to have a solid and excellent start in advancing your career in healthcare and gaining your certifications.

Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College offers a Nurse Aide program that allows CNA students to learn about providing healthcare to patients in hospitals and long term care facilities. This will include feeding, dressing, bathing, and measuring the patient’s vital signs. While working in this program, you will be supervised by professional registered nurses who will monitor your work.

You may be able to develop a caring relationship with your patients the longer you get to know them. Nursing aides are usually the primary caregivers in nursing homes, so they will tend to have more contact with their patients than most of the other staff members. You will be able to provide professional healthcare and compassion to your patients while you are participating in this program and simultaneously advance your healthcare career.

Southwest Mississippi Community College

The one-semester Nursing Assistant program offered by Southwest Mississippi Community College will provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to work professionally in healthcare facilities. You will be able to work under a licensed nurse's supervision inside of a healthcare facility as a nursing assistant, homemaker, and home health aid. Participating in this program will give you hands-on experience that will qualify you to apply for the NNAAP exam.
To complete the Nursing Assistant program, you will need to pass with a grade of at least 75 percent. Completing the program and passing the NNAAP exam will allow you to become a fully licensed CNA and give you opportunities for employment at a variety of healthcare facilities. Excel in this program to advance your career.

Coahoma Community College

Coahoma Community College offers a Nursing Assistant program that offers students the chance to gain practical experience in healthcare facilities while being supervised by a licensed nurse. With the proper qualifications and dedication to providing healthcare, you will be able to become a licensed CNA. They will provide you with information about giving your patients the care they need and how to react to emergencies.
There are a lot of requirements you must meet to enroll in this program. First of all, you must go through a mandatory background check and drug test upon admission. You will also need to provide your immunization records, a complete application, a copy of your High school diploma or GED, TABE scores, social security card, and a copy of your driver's license.

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Northwest Mississippi Community College offers a Health Care Assistant program in three different locations: the Senatobia campus, the DeSoto campus, and the Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center in Oxford. Their program will prepare you for working in healthcare facilities as a certified CNA that will provide quality care to all kinds of patients. You will be working under the supervision of a licensed nurse during the duration of the program.

Once you have finished the program, you will earn the Certificate of Health Care Assistant. Then you will be able to advance your career in order to earn your State Certification. You will be required to provide a variety of immunization records and forms, perform a drug test and criminal background check, provide a Certification of Insurance, and complete a health examination.

East Central Community College, Decatur

The professional healthcare training programs provided by East Central Community College will help you prepare for a variety of career options in healthcare. Upon completion, you will be able to effectively provide care to patients and work to maintain the welfare of the public. ECCC will encourage you to uphold ethical and safe practices in professional healthcare settings.

To attend ECCC, you must fulfill the admission requirements and provide fingerprint identification to undergo a proper criminal background check. You must complete your applications by the due date and submit them to the Office of Health Care Education. Once your admission has been confirmed, you are required to complete the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR course, receive a Hepatitis B vaccine, and complete an ECCC Health Examination form.