CNA Classes in Nevada | 10 Best Programs To Start Your Career

As the job market changes, there’s one thing that remains the same: You can’t replace human compassion with robotics. No matter how precise the medical equipment becomes, people still need someone by their side to reassure them That’s why CNA classes in Nevada are a great option for anyone who is worried about their job stability. 

The CNA certification in Nevada is a pretty easy process that doesn’t require years and years of expensive medical school. To get a CNA license in Nevada, just go through some training hours by a program approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing for CNA classes in Nevada and you’re ready to begin your new career! 

Who is the regulatory body for CNAs in Nevada?

The Nevada State Board of Nursing is the regulatory body for CNA certifications and licensing in Nevada. Their website offers information about upcoming training and even offers some grants! They offer lots of training opportunities, workshops, and information about how to become a CNA, LPN, or RN in the state of Nevada.  

All of their required forms can also be found on their site, which is actually very well organized and detailed. You can even contact them for any additional questions you may have. 

Who administers the CNA exam in Nevada?

The state of Nevada contracts with D&S Diversified Technologies (Headmaster LLP). Their website offers long term test scheduled, handbooks for test preparation, and study guides. They let you know everything you will need to prepare for your exam, including the possible skills you will be evaluated on in your practical examination.

They have a lot of rules, but they are very clearly articulated so make sure that you prepare in advance. Many of the CNA training programs offer the test as part of their program’s tuition. In those cases, your examination will be conducted on site in your facility at the conclusion of the program. 

Nevada State Requirements for CNAs

If you want to become a nursing aide in Nevada, then there are a few things you need to do first. Each candidate needs to have at least 75 hours of training, with 16 hours of hands on training in a clinical setting. The Nevada Board of Nursing also requires that you submit a set of fingerprints to qualify. Once you are approved to take the exam, you need to pass both the knowledge test and the practical skills test to receive your certification. Once you pass, you are added to the register of CNAs for Nevada.  

 Nevada CNA Exam Details

In order to schedule an exam, you must be registered by your NSBN approved CNA training program or show proof of qualification and acceptance by way of NSBN approval on application forms. 

You should arrive early to your test facility and be prepared in your scrubs and non-skid shoes with a watch that has a second hand. Smart watches and electronics are not permitted. Bring 2 forms of valid identification. One form must be a photo ID and the name on the IDs must match the name you submitted for the registration application. 

Your knowledge exam will test whether or not you know the basic principals you have been taught. It will consist of multiple-choice questions. You may not ask your proctor any questions during the test. You may not leave for any reason, not even to use the restroom. If you leave, your test will not be scored.

An RN Observer will administer the skills exam (practical exam). They will evaluate your performance based on a standardized checklist rubric. All candidates will be required to perform 4 tasks, which will be randomly selected before you begin and ready by your RN Observer. Make sure you are clear on instructions before you begin because you can’t ask for any clarification afterwards; you may only have the scenario repeated back to you. 

You will be allowed to self correct during this examination by telling your RN Observer that you made a mistake and performing the procedure correctly after that, and you can perform your skills tests in any order during your allotted time. You must perform key steps correctly or you will automatically fail, even if you are 80% correct in other areas. 

How much does the Nevada CNA exam cost?

In Nevada, tests and retests are the same price. There’s no discount for retesting. The knowledge portion of the exam is $52.50. You can request an oral version of this test when you schedule your exam, and that version costs $62.50. The skills test costs $97.50. First time candidates must take both exams on the same day, making their total costs either $150 or $160 depending on whether they request the audio exam.  

Where can you take the CNA exam in Nevada?

Most CNA preparation programs will offer you the option to certify on site at the conclusion of the program. If this is the case, you will take your test at the same facility where you received training.

Otherwise, there are a lot of facilities around the state. In Las Vegas, the College of Southern Nevada usually schedules regular testing. There is also testing at The Milan Institute and the Southwest Career and Tech Academy. Carson City offers testing in Ormsby Post Acute Rehab.  Reno offers testing at Truckee Meadows Community College. In general, most state certified CNA training programs would also be sites that you can schedule certification examinations. 

How much does a CNA get paid in Nevada?

The average CNA salary in Nevada is $32,485 as on July 2019. The typical salary range statewide is $29,000 to $36,000 annually. Reno salaries are about $13.67 per hour and Las Vegas salaries are $14.15. Dignity Health pays the best, with Summerlin Hospital and Horizon Specialty Hospital also being popular places for CNAs.  

Paradise and Ruby Valleys offer some of the lowest salaries, along with Ruth, Montello, and Mountain City, NV. Pioche, Las Vegas, and Panaca offer some of the highest. 

CNA Schools in Nevada

Now that you know what it takes to be a CNA and how much you can expect to make, it’s time to get your training hours. These are some of the strongest state certified training programs in Nevada. 

College of Southern Nevada

This program offers some great CNA classes. Their program requires an orientation session before you sign up for class. Their program, the CC or CSN course, is offered on all 3 of their campuses. Whether you’re in Charleston, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, you can get your training hours and take the competency examination for CNA certification.  

Great Basin College

The CNA course at Great Basic College focuses on beginning your healthcare career with a strong foundation. Their course teaches the responsibilities of a nursing assistant and how to perform the skills required to help with nursing. You will learn how to provide safe, practical care while offering emotional support and positive energy. 

Their program requires proof of a CPR certification and proof that you don’t have TB. They offer evening and daytime classes that will work around nearly every schedule so you can balance your school training with your job. 

All of their classes offer more than the minimum requirements, providing you with 80 hours of instruction and 40 entire hours of clinical practice instead of the state mandated 16. 

Truckee Meadows Community College

truckee meadows community college

Truckee Meadows is a certified testing facility for the CNA exam, so you know that their facilities and program are going to teach you everything you will need to pass the examination. When you finish their program, you will be ready to work as a CNA and have the connections for a great job from your hands-on clinical experience.  

Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College offers a great program. Their class prepares you to take the CNA exam and become a certified nursing assistant. Their program is great because it feeds into a further nursing program that is one of the best ones in the area. In fact, their certification can be used towards a full degree if you decide to continue classes and become a nurse. 

Milan Institute

The Milan Institute is another great program that doubles as an approved testing facility. They offer assistance with job placement, finding strategic partnerships in an expanding job market. Their program is a great fit for anyone looking to become a CNA and stay in that career.  

Saint Therese Learning Institute

Saint Therese Learning Institute offers several programs for this area of healthcare. Their Nursing Assistant Program will get you prepared for your CNA exam in just 6 weeks. 

They offer evening or daytime classes, and their tuition includes instruction, a physical, TB testing, CPR training, fingerprinting, and the Nevada Board of Nursing application fees. It also includes testing fees, 1 pair of scrubs, your textbook and workbook, and the equipment used in skills lab sessions. 

Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Southwest Career and Technical Academy is another fully accredited testing facility. Students who join their program will get the training they need to enter the field of nursing. They will learn medical terminology, common diseases and illnesses, patient care basics, safety, and more. Students will have the opportunity to complete their CPR training and they even offer internships! 

Completion of the program allows you to sit for your CNA certification, and they send your application in early so that as soon as you graduate you are already certified. Take that internship right into a job offer!  

West Career and Technical Academy

west career and technical academy

Their nursing program allows students to complete their CNA training and become eligible for the certification exam.

Students will learn health sciences, anatomy and physiology, and the roles and responsibilities of nursing assistants through a combination of lectures, labs and clinical practicum. 

Sierra Nevada Job Corps

Sierra Nevada Job Corps offers a CNA training program in Reno, NV. They offer classes as a public service, so it’s entirely possible to get the training you need for a CNA job at zero cost! This makes it great for students who can’t afford the tuition without grants.  

Academy of Healthcare Prep

This approved CNA training program is in Paradise, NV. They have a smaller, more intimate classroom setting for students who don’t do as well in larger academic settings. Receive all the training you need and get ready for your CNA certification.