CNA Classes in New Mexico | 10 Top Schools Accredited for Nursing Assistant Certification

You are tired of your stagnant life. Your career is in a dead end, and you’re barely making ends meet living paycheck to paycheck. You’re bored and unexcited and work feels like a drag. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly afford to go back to school full time. You have bills to pay and don’t want massive loans. Luckily, there are CNA classes in New Mexico for extremely affordable pricing. 

Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) have a rewarding career helping other people in an expanding job market. Getting your CNA license in New Mexico will open doors to job security and build the platform for a nursing career. The New Mexico CNA requirements aren’t too difficult to handle, and before you know it you’ll be in a job you love ready to faced the world with smiles! 

Let this guide teach you everything you need to know to get started. Learn who issues CNA licenses and where to take the examinations when you finish training. Find out the best training programs for CNAs all across the state. 

Who is the regulatory body for CNAs in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Department of Health regulates and oversees CNA training for the state of New Mexico. They determine the requirements for the New Mexico Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP), accept or deny applications to take the examinations for certification, and maintain the New Mexico Nurse Aide Registry. They require that you take a training program before being allowed to sit for the state competency exams. 

One of the great services they provide is paying test fees for qualified certification applicants. If you pass and become a fully certified CNA and get an offer of employment by a Medicaid certified nursing facility, the state will pay your testing fee. Simply have an authorized representative of the facility fill out Part C of your application. 

Otherwise, they do charge for exams. First time test takers will pay $107 for their written or oral knowledge test and skills test. They can take it in English or Spanish. Retests will cost $68 for a clinical skills retest or $39 for written or oral retests. 

Who administers the CNA exam in New Mexico?

The state of New Mexico contracts with Prometric to administer their examinations for qualified CNA applicants.  Their website offers a lot of help. It’s a great resource for CNA applicants and candidates. They have documentation on application, any rescheduling request forms, registry services, checklists for your evaluations, and study guides. 

If you need special accommodations like oral examinations or ADA considerations, their website is also the place to request them. They also provide measurement forms and contact information for anything not covered. 

New Mexico CNA Exam Details

When your application to sit for the competency exam has been accepted, Prometrics will allow you to schedule your test. Once you’ve chosen the preferred test site they will give you a date for you exam. You must bring the letter with you to your test along with proper identification. 

If you need to reschedule your test, you will have to do it 5 business days before your test or you will have to pay the exam fee a second time. If you are late, you will not be allowed to test. No shows (and late people) will have to repay the fee before being allowed to take the exam. 


Arrive early for your exam and wear proper nursing scrubs. Wear a watch with a second hand, but not a smart watch.  You will need a current photo ID and a second valid ID form, and they must match the name on your application. 


The written test is a 60-question multiple-choice exam that will evaluate your knowledge of nursing basics. You will have 90 minutes to take the test. You can take this in oral form if necessary. For this exam, you will have the questions read to you while answering on the computer. You will also need to take a Reading Comprehension section if you take an oral exam. This will be 15 questions that assess whether you have enough reading skills to work in a nursing facility. 


The Clinical Skills test will ask candidates to perform assigned tasks. A computer will randomly assign several tasks based on all the potential tasks in the study guide. All candidates will be scored on hand washing and indirect care. This means you should treat your exam as though you have a real patient, because their rights and preferences and your communication and attention to their needs will b e evaluated as well as your ability to perform the test. 

You must pass each skill individually, or you will fail the skills exam. The Nurse Aide Evaluator will watch you perform them and compare your performance to a standardized checklist. You are allowed to self-correct while performing a skill as long as you tell your NAE that you are making a correction during that skill and perform it correctly. 

Where can I take the CNA exam in New Mexico?

Prometric offers several test facilities throughout the state. In Albuquerque, you can test at Central NM Community College and Universal Care Home Help Agency. Las Cruces offers exams at the Dona Ana Community College. In Roswell, you can take them at the Eastern New Mexico University. 

Las Vegas offers exams at Luna Community College. Hobbs has a facility at the New Mexico Junior College. In Carlsbad, you can test at New Mexico State University, and in Truth or Consequences, the New Mexico State Veterans Home offers courses. 

If you live in Kirtland, then take the exam at San Juan College West. Silver City residents can test and certify at Western New Mexico University, and in Santa Fe you can take the exam at Santa Fe Community College. 

How much does a CNA get paid in New Mexico?

Here’s the big question on everyone’s mind: What’s the average CNA salary in New Mexico? As of July 30, 2019, the average CNA in NM is paid $28,500. The range runs from $26,000 through $32,000.

CNA Classes in New Mexico

Okay, now that you’re clear on who will be issuing your certification and where you need to take it, you want to know where you can go to take your CNA classes in New Mexico, right? The following programs have all been approved to train you for your CNA certification in New Mexico. 

San Juan College

San Juan’s program is only 2 months long. You receive 6 credits at their school. Classes are offered 3 days a week for 4 hours a day.

The program includes 45 classroom hours and 90 hours of clinical and lab experience. Students will be eligible to sit for the competency exam at the end of their course.  

New Mexico State University – Main Campus

Did you know that you could get your CNA at one of the best universities in the state? NMSU offers CNA certifications as part of their health career programs. This prepares you for your examination by teaching terminology, anatomy, fundamentals, labs, CPR certification, and supervising clinical for hands on real world experience.   

Santa Fe Community College – Santa Fe

Santa Fe Community College also offers a great certification. They are one of the certified test facilities that Prometric uses for state certifications, so they know exactly how to prepare you for your exams and you’ll be able to test in your home facility, where you’re comfortable.   

Eastern New Mexico University - Portales

Residents of Portales will be happy to know that they won’t have to venture out to the Eastern New Mexico University’s main campus to get their CNA exams. The local campus offers the program and assists with job placement in the Portales area. 

Eastern New Mexico University  - Roswell

You may not find aliens in Roswell, but you’ll find a great campus to get your CNA training. They offer a Certificate of Employability in Nursing Assisting. Their program prepares graduates to work in nursing homes and hospitals under the supervision of a professional nurse.  

Central New Mexico Community College

The Nursing Assistant Program at Central New Mexico is a great way to prepare for your CNA examinations and receive your certification. They offer a 1-credit course called Nursing Assistant Supplemental Skills if you need some extra practice with your skills or a refresher course. 

Northern New Mexico College - Espanola

Espanola residents can find CNA training at Northern New Mexico College. Their course is 6 credits and includes CPR training for Healthcare Providers.    When you finish, you’ll be prepared for your CNA exam and have hands on experience at local Espanola facilities. 

New Mexico Junior College

The CNA course here is perfect for people who want to begin working in healthcare immediately.

Their program lasts for just 1 semester, with evening classes 2 days a week so you can go to school without quitting your job.    

Mesalands Community College

Mesalands offers an Allied Health program to prepare people for a career in healthcare. Their CNA training is the first step towards an Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health. They also offer Phlebotomy. After completing their program, you will be ready to take the CNA exam and can begin building upon that education with their other course offerings.  

Clovis Community College

Clovis offers a CTI program as a Healthcare Assistant that prepares students for the CNA certification exam. They provide a Certificate of Achievement in Health Care Assistant from the college to all successful graduates.