CNA Classes in Pennsylvania | 10 Top Programs to Become a Nursing Assistant

Have you wanted to be in the medical field but wanted to skip the tedious MCAT process? There are simpler paths on how to work in the medical field. The certified nursing aide is for you if you want to help with the basic needs of patient care. You’re able to work with patients by bathing and dressing them.

Some of your duties would include checking their temperature and blood pressure. You’ll be serving them meals and keeping their rooms clean. Also you can observe a patient’s condition and behavior by constantly checking up on them. The CNA process is a great job in high demand. 

Paid CNA Classes in Pennsylvania

For CNA Training locations there is a list of paid classes in schools down below. Choose the location at your own convenience. You can contact these facilities with their phone number. Make sure to verify the scheduling of each class and check the correct availability. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Pennsylvania?

The nursing regulatory bodies are licensed to protect the health and welfare of the nursing care. This is an important form of facilitation for CNAs.

The main body for the state of Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Nurse Aide Training Program. Right after this program is the pennsylvania department of health. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Pennsylvania?

The person who adminsters the CNA exam is the nursing Assistant Test which is run by Pearson Vue. Another administration is the American Red Cross. Candidates will submit their registration through either of these resources. For the handbooks you can find it on the Pearson website online.

The exam’s score reports will usually be provided at the test site. Candidates are given only three attempts before they may have to go through the process again. 

Pennsylvania State Requirements for CNAs

The state of Pennsylvania has set a mav 80 hours of full training. Around half of those hours (37.5) need to be in a clinical setting. These trainings need to be in state facilitated training. The programs need to be fully completed. Once the trainees is almost done than they can start preparing for the NNAP test. 

You need to be eligible to take this test, however if you’re coming from out of state you can take the exam without full training. Even if you didn’t work in a full one year time period you’re able to register for the exam. 

Pennsylvania CNA Exam Details

The exam mainly consists of two main sections and it is split between writing and skills. Both of the sections need to be completed on the same day. The written portion will consist of 70 questions. The five skills that need to be shown is the hygiene, handwashing, recording radial pulse, and many more.

The prep classes will make the CNA practice test easier. The free assessments you can be taken based on your own discretion. It is highly advised to look through the practice exams and upkeep your own score. The test is administered by Pearson Vue and it is based on the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program test. 

How Much Does the Pennsylvania CNA Exam Cost?

For candidates who are first test takers, the exam will cost $102 in Pennsylvania. If the individuals will need to retest they’ll need to pay $70 for the skills test. Also there will be an additional fee of $32 for the written or oral portion of the exam.

If you fail the test more than the required attempts you will be set to enroll in a training program. Individuals who are employed by nursing homes can expect that training will be mostly compensated. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Pennsylvania?

There are various locations you can take the CNA Exam in Pennsylvania. The following list down below are the locations.

  • Altoona
  • Butler
  • Elizabethtown
  • Greensburg
  • Harleysville
  • Harrisburg
  • Hanover
  • Johnstown
  • Oil City
  • Philadelphia
  • Scranton
  • Sellinsgrove
  • Lancaster
  • Upper Darby
  • Jefferson Hills
  • Pittsburgh
  • Erie
  • How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Pennsylvania?

    Certified Nursing Assistants are entry level jobs for nursing experience. No prior work experience is required other than the state-approved training program. This position can work in a variety of jobs. Since CNAs can find jobs through many health organizations the salary will depend on your employer.

    For example, with government run organizations or hospitals certified nursing assistants will earn a higher hourly rate. Nursing care facilities and healthcare services will depend on how much they want you to work. The hourly rate for a CNA salary in Pennsylvania is $14.43 based on the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The average overall salary is $30,010. 

    CNA classes in Pennsylvania

    Northampton Community College, Bethlehem

    This campus is known for their four hospitality programs. This program is a 128 hour course that equips the candidate to assess the skills for the NNAAP exam. The main requirement to enroll is to have a GED or a high school diploma.

    The courses are provided through the Fowler Family Southside Center. You’re able to have a long term care facility in a healthcare setting. This is a great way to gain hands on experience for your major or if you’re curious about the CNA route. The estimated time frame is around 4-6 weeks based on your own performance. You have to be a Pennsylvania resident and you the tuition is fairly around $1100.
    Through the experience of working with patients and the faculty this program will equip you to multitask and gain further knowledge. This is a highly-praised program that recognizes that not all nursing students are on one path. It creates a specialized path for you to play an impactful role in the healthcare system. 

    Bucks County Community College

    The Bucks County Community program offers online and in-person courses. The main CNA courses will be located in Newtown.

    You can learn more about the CNA process by directly contacting the Nursing Center. This program is 120-hours of instruction at the long-term facility. 

    There are two main facilities: the long-term and clinical facility. They provide the opportunity for students to learn in the classroom and in the lab. The main topics covered is the introduction to health care and the role of the nursing assistants.

    The tuition is $1250 and it is recommended that you fill out the forms one month before the deadline. This program is helpful for understanding the basic skills required for resident rights and service needs. 

    Marywood University

    The Marywood University offers a multi-faceted program with training and classroom instruction. This program will also be 120-hour program with long-term courses. The program has been designed to specifically fit the 16 courses that are state-approved.

    This program offers special events that can answer your questions about the CNA experience. 

    An example of the events they offer is that social lifespan and ethics even that focuses on how to cultivate adverse childhood experiences.

    The tuition for this program is $2,100 and it can cover specialized management inquiries. This program is great if you want to explore your options before finalizing your nurse aide decision. 

    Delaware County Community College

    The Delaware County Community College allows you to convert your passions of nurturing into a skilled trained professional. This course is slightly longer with a requirement of 133 hours. The specialized program offers employment opportunities with the care facilities in rehab to hospice home care.
    It can be a rigorous course training and learning with professionals but students are able to experience 60 hours of clinical experience. This is well suited for high demand jobs. Additionally, the school provides a thematic way of learning through leadership skills and interpersonal professionalism during the workforce.

    The tuition will be a total of $1,169. The student will be eligible based on their knowledge of the Pearson Vue testing. This program is great if you want to learn more than the Nursing Assistant qualifications. If you attend this program you’ll be able to understand not only the skills of the CNA but also the professionalism required to thrive in any setting. 

    Luzerne County Community College

    The Luzerne County Community College offers their CNA classes in Nanticoke. They are well accredited to provide affordable and easy access courses. In order to enroll in one of the main requirements is to take an intake session. It is a step-by-step process that is listed on their website.

    Their program provides a comprehensive guideline centered around elderly care. 

    They showcase the basic skills needed to recognize hygiene or ailments for patients. The tuition is also $1250 which is fairly on the more affordable side for the students.

    They’re able to identify the guidelines of the nurse aide through their effective communication skills workshop and the ethics of each resident. This is an awesome program if you want to specialize in elderly care. 

    Lackawanna College

    The Lackawanna College is a 128 program with both clinical and long-term experience. This program is different in the way it offers 32 hours for training in CPR. The hours are divided between three places: laboratory, clinical care, and long-term facility care. This is a well rounded program that can prepare you for the national nurse aide guide.

    This program is suitable if you’re interested in checking out the CNA career path. It’ll equip you to maintain a professional resume and have hands-on experience. It is a holistic program that targets a balanced curriculum for supervised clinical appearance.

    In order to apply you’ll have to go through an interview process. The recommended timeline to register is three weeks before class is in session. This program is useful if you want to prepare yourself to try out different CNA facilities. 

    Lehigh Carbon Community College

    The Lehigh Carbon Community College is offering classes in preparation of the Pennsylvania state nurse aide.

    The program is based on the medical terminology as well as overall human body functions. The overall tuition in full will be around $1,196 if paid in full.

    The program will assist you with scholarships that can be submitted through the CareerLink system. You can also have reimbursement for training and testing costs because the federal law prevents these charges to be placed with no reasoning.

    Prior to registration you will also attend an intake program.Upon completion of the course you will have full knowledge of patient care. This program will help you be well prepared for the exam and future work environments. 

    Reading Area Community College

    The Reading Area Community College’s main goal is to give you a high quality classroom experience. Since they emphasize small groups it’ll allow you to ask questions and get individual recognition and help.

    The program focuses on entry level practice for any facility location. They have an extensive offer for multiple healthcare agencies. This program is great for individuals who thrive in small group settings and can quickly adapt to work settings.

    This program is helpful for students who need attentive services. It provides a wide range of questionnaires for students to experience a real life simulation of how assisting will look like. 

    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania has a high demand of nursing assistants. The tuition costs around $1200. When choosing a school you can also look up the associated costs of the materials fees.

    The special thing about this program is that it offers a new session of CNA training every 6 to 8 weeks. In many CNA programs you have to enroll at designated time periods but Edinboro provides a flexible time frame. 

     This program is an all around program that allows you to expand your critical thinking abilities and decision making skills. The faculty is highly praised for the professionalism and rigorous training. The employers are focused to prepare the candidates through the application of scientific knowledge. 

    Community College of Allegheny County

    The Community College of Allegheny County is great for shadowing opportunities. You can continue to explore employment and resume development.

    This is a special feature for this CNA program because it enables you to seek job opportunities early on.

    You will also be able to have a theory lab which will demonstrate the set of skills you need. This program also provides a clinical internship under the supervision of a registered nurse. This training applies for on-hands training with long-term care facilities.  

    This program will help with test taking skills as well as a comprehensive review for the exam. The special thing about this program is the employment opportunities.