CNA classes in Rhode Island | 10 Best Schools To Start Your Career

Are you waiting around trying to find a career that suits you? Certified nursing assistants are great if you want to be in the nursing field and help patients. The opportunities for CNA classes in Rhode Island are endless. They provide great accessibility for prep courses and career possibilities.

CNA classes consist of hands-on experience in developing your skills for the professional world. Depending on each course you’ll be provided a curriculum that best suits your needs. If you love helping and want to make a career out of it CNA classes are for you! 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Rhode Island?

The regulatory bodies for the exam will help facilitate a fair and objective curriculum. This is an important procedural process for all test takers.

Once you find out who is the regulatory body you are able to contact the right references and resources. The regulatory body for CNAs in the state of Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Department of Health. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Rhode Island?

The administration process of the exam is a vital part for the test taker. Make sure you understand the exam processes based on your administration. The CNA exam in Rhode Island is facilitated by Pearson Vue. 

Pearson Vue sound provides the score report processes through their online demonstrations. Before you can complete the process try to understand the procedural aspects of taking these tests. The administration has provided a multi-functional handbook for any further inquiries.

Rhode Island State Requirements for CNAs

In Rhode Island, the state requirements call for candidates to pass the CNA certification exam. The participants must also complete at least 100 hours of training at a state-approved program. Out of those full hours 20 hours must be held at a clinical office. Even if you’re from another state and you moved to Rhode Island you must take the exam even if you have 3 months of experience.

Rhode Island CNA Exam Details

You don’t want to be concerned right after you take a test. To avoid any further concerns or questions you can read over and go through the exam details in fine print. This will prevent any mishaps or confusion.

The exam is facilitated through the Pearson Vue company and it requires the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program examination. The test will be split into two portions. One part will be written and which will have 70 questions. The other portion is a knowledge test where they will test candidates based on 5 skills. The candidates will have a total of 2 hours to complete the written section and 25 min for the skill section. 

How Much Does the Rhode Island CNA Exam Cost?

Before registering for the exam you want to be financially aware of not only the exam but the preparation costs. Based on your own performance you can distinguish what is the best option for you. 

If you need more prep classes try to allocate more money to form a stronger test score before taking the official exam. Most exams need to be paid for however if you’re eligible training can possibly be waived. The CNA exams in Rhode Island are $114. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Rhode Island?

Be aware of the exam locations nearest to you. You don’t want to drive hours to take an exam you have been preparing for a long time. Prior to starting your CNA process create an outline that will be the most suitable for you.

You will have to pinpoint each Pearson Vue locations around the state. Usually the exams will be held at local community colleges such as the Community College of Rhode Island. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Rhode Island?

The average hourly rate is $14.64 with a high possibility of a raise based on your employer. The CNA salary in Rhode Island is also highly dependent on your employer. For hospitals and government associated organizations they fairly pay more than hospice care facilities.

In Rhode Island, the hourly rate is 13% higher than the average salary in America. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics the average overall salary in Rhode Island is $30,540.

CNA classes in Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island

The great attributes of the Community College of Rhode Island is how they equip you for healthcare settings. You can begin with the registration of the CNA pretest. This is a great indicator of strengths and weaknesses for your CNA test taking skills. You need to pass this assessment on two attempts. If you do not pass the test you’ll be moved to that another open entry exam in order to get into the program.

The time commitment for this program is a rigorous 143 hours. It requires 75 hours of classroom time and 40 hours of clinical training. Since Rhode Island requires only 20 this program will greatly equip the following participants. The estimated tuition is fairly affordable as you only need to pay around $860. This is a great program if you want an all around, intensive course with hands on experience and academic rigor.

Chariho Regional School District

The Chariho Regional School District provides great training without a full time commitment. Since the program will run on 120 hours it is great for busy parents or full time students.

The program is more accommodating with time since it is less hours than most CNA classes. 

The tuition is another benefit because it is around $800. You only need to deposit $100 to secure your overall spot. The program will only be four days a week with Friday off. If you have a day job it is perfect fit in these classes because it’ll only be 4:30-9:30pm.

This suits candidates who have tons of tasks on their daily to-do list. This school will give you the training you need without having your burnt out or over worked. 

Cranston Alternative Education Programs

The Cranston Alternative Education Program is great because the main purpose of this program is to combine training with education. The objectives are centralized around compassion and communication which is a well needed skill for clinical training. They believe that the primary role of CNA is assistance.

The course is also 120 time requirements. It is split between the classroom and clinical hours. They will have a step by step satisfactory record of your gradual performance throughout the program. The fees are an estimated $850 with an additional fee for the state application licensing fee.

This program is set to have classes only on two days during the week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Since the main objectives are based on compassion and communication this program will allow you to learn interpersonal skills in the work field. 

The University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island is focused for the CNA classes to be based on multiple priorities. It identifies the amount of work it tasks to become a CNA. Their program is geared towards managing self-stress and decision making on the job. 

The required hours is 124 hours of covering topics such as personal care skills and basic nursing abilities. They have a specific session for career advising opportunities. This is a time where candidates can come and ask through mock interviews and collective goal setting.

This program is truly focused on the growth of the individual. They truly want the best for people to not only grow professionally but through their overall well-being. If you’re looking for a program to improve mental health and gain CNA expertise this is the program for you!

Overlook Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

This Overlook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is focused on quality care for the elderly. They believe the best work place is when the residents are the top of their priority. They provide comfortable amenities and want the best environment for their patient care.

The CNA training for this center is heavily based on communication skills. The program wants to center their elders with exercise and genuine care. It provides a holistic check up with CNAs ready to stand by for 24 hours. Although, the experience may be rigorous this working environment truly cares for the well being of their employees and residents.

Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center

Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center is a program that is on the lower end of the required hours. It has a standard training of 100 hour time commitment. It offers a combination of career readiness skills programs. 

This is a great chance if you ever wanted to branch out and see the other occupations for the nursing field. They have a variety of classes like the Certified Medication Technician (formerly known as MedTech).
This training is specifically for CNAs that are looking for licensing in medication. This is an extended teaching alongside a CPR: Heartsaver program. 

This learning center is great for CNA students who wanted to specialize in a certain field. It enables a multi-faceted course preparation for all candidates.Enter your text here...

Crossroads Rhode Island

The Crossroads Rhode Island center is a special program that provides job opportunities to help homeless or at-risk individuals find financial stability. One of the many programs they offer is the CNA training courses.

Combined with their CNA learning centers they prepare adults to join the workforce through various options. They have a list of job searches and self awareness workshops to assist the participants in every step of the way. This holistic program is fixated on building financial literacy and a second chance for any individual.

Bastien Academy

The Bastien Academy requires you to have 100 hours of total training. The academic expectations is to be aware of emergency procedures and restorative care policies. This school is able to regulate the hours through a series of afternoon or morning classes.

This program is special because it allows students to focus and place all their energy within the classroom experience. They do have clinical experience requirements but the main focus is to prepare you for the test. This is a great program if you want to be ready to ace that CNA exam! 

Brentwood Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Facility

The Brentwood Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Facility is a great program for nursing assistants who want to explore their options.
It is licensed to provide sustainable living for their residents and their clients. It is great for CNA jobs in Rhode Island.
It is a great starting point to build your long-term facility skills. This place administers a kind place to start from the bottom up. It focuses on patient needs and multi-tasking for CNAs. 

Golden Crest Nursing Centre

The Golden Crest Nursing Centre is a great application spot for soon to be CNAs. This is a long term care facility that needs a minimum amount of Certified Nursing aide to maintain a well run department. The CNA job is geared towards the openings for elderly care and residential assistance.

This is a great place to build your CNA resume. You’ll be able to learn about application tools in order to further assist your process. You can try multiple practice exams and mock interview trials.