CNA Classes in South Carolina | 10 Most Efficient Nursing Assistants Training Programs

Regular 9-5 hours can be monotonous and boring, but choosing a CNA career can have many perks. You’ll be able to greet new patients and assist them. This pathway is great to put your helping abilities to the test. South Carolina provides great opportunities for CNA classes and training.

CNA classes in South Carolina will bring out the best of your helping abilities. Hands on experience will enable you to grow and refine your skills. With the proper training and instructors your CNA career is soon to be fulfilled. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in South Carolina?

The regulatory bodies who is in charge of the exam and go through the procedures. It’s an essential part of the logistics before taking the actual exam. 

The regulatory body is the main resource center for candidates. If you have any further questions or concerns make sure to contact them right away. The Department of Health and Human Services is the regulatory body in South Carolina.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in South Carolina?

The administration of the CNA exam is the main facilitator. This center is an authorized test center that helps people to maintain their testing services. The online platform is the fastest way to interact with their support team. 

Pearson Vue is the company that facilitates the CNA exam for South Carolina. Since this center focuses on test security; to report any forms of suspicious behavior contact them directly. If you have any questions regarding office locations contact the business development. 

South Carolina State Requirements for CNAs

The CNA requirements in South Carolina is slightly different in how they require 40 hours of clinical practice. The time commitment is only 100 hour commitment which is one of the lower time requirements for state-approved programs.

If you're just moving to South Carolina do not worry, you can still claim your CNA credibility. In order to fully enroll with the exams you have to complete the same number of hours from another state. If you’re from South Carolina you need to have completed the same number of hours within the last 24 hours.

South Carolina CNA Exam Details

Pearson Vue is part of the main exam for the South Carolina Nursing Assistant Test. Similar to many other exams it’ll contain two main parts. The beginning section is a part with 70 questions and the second part is the 5 skills set up.

You’ll have an overall of 30 minutes alloted to test out your abilities. You must score proficient or higher to pass the medical portion of the exam. If you fail to do so your must attempt to take the exam again. 

How Much Does the South Carolina CNA Exam Cost?

Prior to the CNA pathway you want to create a financial game plan to recognize how much you’ll need for the official exam and testing material. 

You can do your research and easily buy used books, but the official exam is a bit more complicated. 

You’ll need to allocate your own funds to take the test. The South Carolina CNA certification exam costs around $101. You can submit a proposal to waive the process according to your financial standing. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in South Carolina?

The exam can be taken in a number of Pearson Vue facilities throughout South Carolina.

You want to take the test at a CNA facility closest to you. Since the exam is notified to be taken within a few attempts, the last thing you want to worry about is location. Make sure it is at a convenient distance and arrive around 15 minutes early to locate your testing room. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in South Carolina?

CNA salary in South Dakota will vary based on where they are placed. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics have announced that CNAs earn an average of $24,810 in South Carolina.

Your location and organizations will play a huge role in your estimated salary. According to South Carolina the highest paid CNAs are located in Rock Hill or Greenville medical facilities. Your salary will fluctuate based on your employer and if you’re based in a medical or gov. center. 

South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

If you want to expand your knowledge about the CNA career it's best to start with the professionals. Contacting people you know is a great form of reference. However you also want to be aware of the practical pros and cons from an objective perspective.

Contact the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry by utilizing the information down below.

South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 545-4205

CNA Classes in South Carolina

Piedmont Technical College

If you’re looking for a program that is focused on transforming communities through intellectual and financial growth this is the college for you. They don’t want classrooms to just be a student and teacher discussion. The Piedmont Technical College wants to cultivate a vibrant learning environment for all students.

This program is designed for any candidates who want to be highly qualified for the nursing assistant position. It is a 105 hour course that allows them to perform the same duties as a nursing facility. 

Their online website provides the chance to browse your courses and claim workforce scholarships. This is a great school if you want to save money and want to be academically driven. 

Spartanburg Community College

The Spartanburg community college is all about an effective and fast learning environment. They are known for becoming a CNA in around 6-8 weeks. The staff provides supervision for employment opportunities. The course outline is set for 11 hours.

This curriculum is set to increase job security after receiving your CNA license. For the Sparatanburg culture they highly regard you achieving your career goals. They are focused to help make networking opportunities for high demand career fields.

Their tuition is the lowest in the region and they are dedicated for students to make career advancements early on in their education. With day and evening classes it is scheduled to make the student’s life easier. If you’re looking for a place to gain professional skills and ensure your future success this is the place for you. 

Trident Technical College

The Trident Technical College will make your passions into a career opportunity. They’re focused to thoroughly train and equip students to work and perform professionally. You can complete the program around six weeks.
If you want an informative and enriching program this is for you. They have created specialized courses for the CNA catalog. 

Their career help is not only to be an educator but to be a mentor for future employment.
They have a wide range of services to equip your workforce plans and customized training for you. The Student Employment services assist students with all their job searches. 

Greenville Technical College

The Greenville Technical College is recognized to be an institution where students from any background can grow. They care about building engagement within the student body. This is one of the largest public colleges in South Carolina. They provide exceptional learning opportunities primarily for entry-level training.

Their CNA training is for long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers and home health care. They allow you to have 60 hours of interactive applied learning and 40 hours of clinical experience.

CNA jobs in South Carolina are known to have an expected 49% job growth rate through 2022. The Greenville training showcases the practical ways and to have high-quality learning opportunities at an affordable cost. 

Midlands Technical College

This technical college has three main points for their school mission: excellence, affordability, and convenience. They believe that when you choose this school it’ll equip you for real world experiences and to train in a diverse atmosphere. They want to be readily available to help you as much as you can.

For CNA candidates who are concerned about financial support, this school may be for you. The LIFE scholarship they over covers tuition costs for in state students. You can also apply for financial aid through the academic training facilities. The class sizes are small so students can receive plenty of individual attention.

The training will be completed in around 1-2 months. You can be prepared for the competency exam while beginning your career by working in a healthcare environment. 

York Technical College, Rock Hill

If you are concerned about transportation, you don’t need to worry because this school is conveniently located with easy access from Interstate 77. The York Technical College emphasizes the advancements of industry growth and economic opportunity.

For CNA participants in a short amount of time you’ll have access to a comprehensive selection of hands on experience. For additional entry requirements you’ll have to contact the Department of Health and Human Services.

They provide a special offer of off-campus centers that allows students to take an interactive teleclass through computer assistance and credit courses. You can take this program throughout various time periods throughout the year. 

Aiken Technical College

The Aiken Technical College addresses the need for regional involvement within their students. They want to increase communication and branding by informing students about endless career opportunities.
The CNA program will assist students to expand their economic vision and their grasp for employment accomplishments.

For candidates who are looking to be academically empowered you can continue to participate for the 40 hours of clinical experience and study. 

Central Carolina Technical College, Sumter

For students who have a full time job and want to balance out their schedule this program is a perfect fit. You will only go for two days throughout the week for three hours. The CNA training is based on the healthcare industry through CPR training and long-term care facilities.

Their curriculum is also a split between classroom and clinical training. This school is dedicated to foster a positive environment for students to learn at their own pace. They want to focus on personal and economic growth to improve the lives of their students. 

Northeastern Technical College

The Northeastern Technical College is highly focused on providing quality instructional programs that can reach employability.
They believe that in order to move forward students must continually be immersed in both academic and social activities.

This is a well rounded program that believes in the accessibility of students to grow. 

Students who have graduated from the Nursing Assistant program praises this program for their consistent support. 

Williamsburg Technical College

This Technical college believes in the capacity of students to grow. They want their students to achieve their highest potential. Through extensive online instruction and student cooperation, the students who will be strong and ready for the CNA exam.

The CNA training is primarily based on elderly care or acutely ill patients. THe nursing assistants will experience a wide range of simulations for short-term and long-term facilities. Candidates will do clinical rotation so they’ll have a full simulation of how it would look like to be a nursing assistant.