CNA classes in South Dakota | 10 Most Prestigious Training Programs

Certified Nursing aides are best known for their helping abilities. If you have empathy and a knack for serving other people this job may suit you! If you are good at multitasking and helping others this is a great opportunity for you. Luckily there is a wide range of CNA classes in South Dakota.

The CNA certification in South Dakota provides endless options for any student interested in this route. This is an effective program for people who want to be in an environment that enables them to grow professionally. The CNA process will help candidates gain academic excellence and interpersonal skills. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in South Dakota?

The regulatory body facilitates the exam requirements in South Dakota. This is a vital part of the CNA process. Make sure to be well-informed of who your regulatory body for your state.

The regulatory body for CNAs in South Dakota is the Pearson Vue company. This company is a main resource and reference center for many CNA applicants. If you want to continue to be apart of the CNA process it's important to be aware of the logistics behind each exam requirement. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in South Dakota?

The main CNA testing is carried out by Headmaster LLP. This center focuses on the competency evaluations of the exam requirements. The source of contact is from the South Dakota Health Care Association. 

This administration is based on technological advancements for trainers and test observers. Their main policy regards the online training reports as well as the rules regarding pass/fail attempts. 

South Dakota State Requirements for CNAs

Under the state rules the main requirements is that nursing aides must complete the proper training and evaluation program for the state registry. This focuses on the promotion of patient independence and support for their own safety. The employes at state-approved facilities must understand the non-renewable time frame.

For South Dakota CNA requirements, if you’re a nurse aide student you can apply for a waiver of the training requirements with a passing grade of C or higher. The training must also be state approved. 

South Dakota CNA Exam Details

Before registering for the test you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Especially when it comes to taking the official exam. The exam details consist of 75 questions. It’ll cover a total of 9 topics such as physical health and basic rights.

The time allotted for this test is 90 minutes and you must pass with a 75% or higher. There are different sets for the test. There is the oral knowledge test knowledge test, and skills test. Make sure you’re fully prepared for each section because you’ll get test on all three parts.

How Much Does the South Carolina CNA Exam Cost?

Each exam cost is different. The oral knowledge test is $80.50 while the knowledge test is $70.50.
The test that is more on the pricier side is the skills test being $89.00.
When you are preparing to go for the exam day you want to remember a few guidelines to have the most effective test day.

You want to check in 20 minutes before to get fully settled in. You’ll need two forms of official ID and a copy of your notification letter. You’ll also need the proper attire of the uniform scrubs and the closed-toe shoes for the skills exam. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in South Dakota?

There are many locations offered for the CNA exam in South Dakota. However for South Dakota the registration is dependent on the South Dakota Health Care Association. You’ll need to enter and schedule your own testing availability.

By doing so you can create your test dates through the website. You must know your testing ID. The website informs the candidate to choose a link based on the description that best fits their needs. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in South Dakota?

CNA salary in South Dakota ranges from $29,700 to $17,990. For nursing aides salary is always dependent on your employer. Depending on your organization a candidate may receive more pay.

The CNA license is applicable for most healthcare centers. Usually for governmental or hospice organizations the CNAs will most likely receive higher pay. Remember your focus regarding which center is better for you. 

CNA classes in South Dakota

Presentation College

Presentation college is a high-ranking academic curriculum. Their mission is to allow students to grow through all levels. Whether it's through spiritual or intellectual growth this school wants their students to be a service to society.

They have a reputation to represent holistic care in a top notch manner. There is a huge emphasis on how their CNA program enables students to improve the lives of local citizens. They are known to be one of the top nursing schools in the region. 

The CNA program is under the Human Services degree. This college is all about students achieving their fullest potential through their passions becoming a reality. 

Dakota Wesleyan University 

This four-year university is affiliated with the United Methodist church. They want to support students who are curious about the medical field through summits. They believe that launching them into information centers will allow them to hone their passions.
Providing CNA summits with a low cost of $20 it’ll include a speaker, seminars, and roundtable discussion. This is the perfect transition for any students who are considering a CNA career pathway.

Their CNA focus is to promote healthcare labor in rural South Dakota. They believe that increasing the number of rural frontiers will increase the accessibility of aid for local people.

Oglala Lakota College

This college is fixated to upkeep the culture of restoring health in all communities. They believe that applying the knowledge of academic excellence alongside assisting individual is the purpose of their curriculums.
Regarding the CNA courses they offer classes that demonstrate the value of cultural competency. They want candidates to understand the values of generosity and respect.

In order to incorporate professionalism they believe that it's important to understand the roles of each hospice care facility.
Devoted to communication and collaboration they provide an interdisciplinary program in terms of health promotion and illness prevention.

Sinte Gleska University

This university is one of the six universities in the United States with an accreditation by the Higher Learning Commision (HLC). This offers the credibility of academic excellence and rigor. They offer all sorts of nursing eligibility courses.

Their mission statement is geared towards leadership and respect. Their overall philosophy is dependent on the code of ethics and individual policy. They believe that every individual has a right to their own purpose on his campus.

Southeast Technical Institute

This institute is known for its strong background in their motto of “mindful caregiving.” They don’t want you to just choose CNA for a job they believe in the personal devotion to excellent care and service. The program break down is heavily focused on classroom hours and lab instructions.

The clinical aspect of this job will be shown through the facilities around the long-term care units. The program is a great alternative for those who want to be in training without feeling like they’re constantly in school. They have a specific program called Non-Degree Seeking application. 

Lake Area Technical Institute

This center is special because it allows you to complete 40 hours of work online.
This is a rare opportunity for those candidates who thrive through remote working hours.
This is a great way to gain career responsibility as those who need lab requirements are held accountable for finding their own source of instruction. 

The program is geared towards students finding a safe ground of nursing while fulfilling all those requirements. It’s a great program for working moms or students who can’t always drive to a training center. This program has also been approved by the state which is a bonus for the exam requirements. 

Western Dakota Technical Institute

This program is one of the most fastest growing professional centers in the nation. It is a great environment for academic excitement. The applied degree for health can also include a pathway for CNA students.

It is a place that shows the health care and general education benefits. The career-oriented ideals are made to set up students for success. Through real life interaction this school allows students to contribute through simulation and internships. If you’re looking for a fast job offer this is a great school to get a head start.

Faulkton Area Medical Center

This center is all about quality service within reach. The local community praises the medical services that it provides.
This center is a great training resource for CNA candidates. Since it is a broad range of medical services it allows candidates to experience new and refining challenges.

The main mission is for the staff to create efficient and effective health for everyone they serve. If you are a CNA candidate who truly cares about the well-being of your clients this is a great provider. 

South Dakota Department of Social Services

This department of social services is a great economic resource for those who want to help administer low income needs. This program is dedicated to the services for anyone who is eligible for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance. The recipients of this cover hospital visits, prescriptions and further health needs.

This is a great opportunity for CNAs to understand the fundamental groundwork of child care and child protection. Since this program serves the needs of families the CNAs will able to partner and learn from these applied services. 

Bethesda Nursing Home

This nursing home is constantly on the lookout for new CNA employees. Due to its high demand the CNA candidates will be able to experience the overnight shifts. This will allow great practice and overall skill improvement.
They’re known for the award winning senior care. They are a recipient of one of the best nursing homes in South Dakota. 

If you have a heart for the elderly this is the nursing home for you. As a CNA you’ll be in great hands of instructors who will promote the well-being of their patients. You’ll also experience the collective cultures of specializing in holistic care.