CNA Classes in Texas | 10 Top Schools To Start Your Career

Have you always had a talent for helping people? For people who are passionate about assisting others, this CNA career maybe for you! Often times people go through journeys to self explore, however if you’re already know your strengths its best to cultivate it now. 

The CNA certification in Texas provides a step-by-step process to succeed in the long run. If you want to continue to see if this is a suitable career keep on reading. Looking for jobs can be overwhelming, but this guide will make you work smarter not harder!

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Texas? 

The regulatory agency for any agency is responsible for overall supervision. In this case the regulatory body for the CNAs in Texas is Pearson Vue. This center is the main source to contact with further inquiries not provided in the exam detail. 

The Pearson Vue regulatory body is a computer based test that creates development and management for future CNA test takers. If you have any requests for special test accommodations this is the best form of contact. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Texas

There are two main administrations for CNA Exam in Texas. It includes the Pearson VUE and the NACES Plus Foundation. The candidate can further find their materials through Pearson’s online website. Further guidelines regarding the official handbook will also be online. 

In any cases where a candidate has further inquiries its best to look over all the regulations before direct contact with the administration. The online administration handles all the registration and score reports.You can go through the instruction of the test taker services to secure for CNA spot. 

Texas State Requirements for CNAs 

Before the actual registration process its best to look over all the steps. You don’t want to miss a step because that may slow down your CNA process. The Texas nurse aides must take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). 

For new candidates you want to research which program best suits you. For instance, you could enroll in the Department of Aging and Disability for students who are interested in this particular program. You must enroll in a program that is at least 100 hours long. 

Texas CNA Exam Details 

For every CNA participant it is vital to understand the exam details. The exam portion will contribute to the success of your CNA completion. The test will be separated into two tests. One test is all about your knowledge, while the other test is about your practical skills.

The knowledge test will be formatted similar to most multiple choice tests. However, the practical test requests the candidate to perform nurse aide duties. The demonstration part is essential for you to pass. You’re allowed three attempts and if you fail to pass you’ll need to re enroll in a training program. 

How Much Does the Texas CNA Exam Cost?

You don’t want to take the test without knowing about the financial details. This is especially important because by the time you’re taking the test you would’ve finished around 6-8 weeks of training. You put so much work into those few months that you want the exam to go as smoothly as possible.

The full evaluation will cost $95 in total. The skills test is $70 while the written test is $25. Usually you will take both evaluations on the same day and register online for further details.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Texas? 

There are countless locations to take the CNA Exam in Texas. Some schools include Abilene Christian University or Hendrick Medical Center. During your registration process you’ll have the opportunity to choose a location most convenient for you. 

The results of the CNA Exam in Texas should be faxed by your administrator. You’ll most likely receive your attempts at the test location on the same day. The scores will be weight by an either pass or fail section.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Texas? 

With the CNA salary it’ll be different based on the program you’re working for. The average pay for CNAs in Texas is $19,200 per year. You want to consider two factors when applying for CNA occupations. First, location is important and second, the type of facility you choose will effect your overall salary. 

For instance, the average pay can qualify as much as $22,800 for being located in Dallas, Texas. The hourly rate will fluctuate based on your employer. When you apply you want to consider the raise policies and how well suited you’ll be for that particular facility (long-term care or healthcare home). 

CNA Classes in Texas

Austin Community College 

Have you ever wanted to be an agent of change in your own community? This program is all about making a difference.

They understand the urgent needs of devoted CNAs across Texas. In order to equip students they want to start by making them leaders.

The Austin Community College provides the entry-level assistance that candidates need to meet this pressing need. They want to focus on long-term facilities and want to provide basic care.

The great thing about long-term facilities is that there is a wide range of job offers in hospices and home care settings. 

If you want to immediately get started all you need to do is contact their program coordinator. There is a strong focus for students to understand the value of teamwork. The concept of being a member on a health care team is vital for CNAs to grow professionally. The great thing about this program is how it also provides students to have a fast track option of only 7 weeks enrollment. 

South Texas College

Healthcare is a major contributor to the success of South Texas College. In this department they provide a great start of resources for a returning or new CNA candidate. If you want to explore a workplace with flexibility and direct contact with professionals keep on reading! 

The benefits of direct professional help will provide individual attention for every candidate. You’ll have easy access to ask supervisors to help you with clinical help. The preparation helps candidates to practice their hands-on experience.

This college offers three main programs for CNAs: A CE version, Credit Version, and Professional Development type. It is rare for a college to offer all three programs regarding the CNA process. It provides specialized opportunities for students to choose the program that best suits them!

San Jacinto College, Central Campus 

The San Jacinto College helps you learn tips for entry-level employment. A common concern for CNA students in training is if they’ll have time to study for the official CNA exam.

Fortunately, this program offers extensive measures to help students prepare for the certification exam. 

Most students who have experienced this program noted the applicable curriculum into their examination process. It also includes a CPR session for CNA students to further improve their demonstration skills. Looking at this program there is a lot of training for the students to have an easy transition to find employment after their program. 

Since this program focuses on the economic mobility of their students the candidates do not need to worry about their post training opportunities. Through immense network developments, the college prepares students for success. 

Brookhaven College 

The staff in Brookhaven college understand the high demands for CNAs. To ensure immediate work for new graduates they want to include the Texas Nurse Aide exam. This means that alongside with your training you’ll be receiving extra support regarding your exam preparations. 

This program enriches the lives of students through their intentional care to create a progressive and educational environment. They want to create the most affordable options for students as their classes are one-quarter of the cost for students in four-year universities. 

CNA students who want to follow a steady class schedule can register online and even view current job openings. All the information is easily accessible for students to research and directly ask their consultants. This program enables students to recognize their eligibility for the official exam by following a state-approved curriculum. 

Alvin Community College

The Alvin Community College recognizes that the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This program impacts nearly almost every person in the US. For possible CNA students who are interested in being in an environment that emphasizes these policies their program may appeal to you. 

Becoming a CNA can allow students to have a fulfilling career as a provider for patients in any entry level hospice care. Countless people who have completed this program were offered to move forward to patients in hospitals or elders in nursing homes. They want to prepare students to demonstrate the proper skills for the nationally-standardized exam. 

This program focuses on the clinical side for bed-side care patients. If you ever had a heart for the elderly or acute-care patients, the Alvin’s nursing facility may be a great fit for you. 

Weatherford College 

The Weatherford College is all about making education accessible for their college students. For their CNA program they want to provide programs to help students build strong foundations for their futures. They have given student support services for students with any additional needs.

The CNA program offers them entry level training. One of the big focus is to showcase effective interaction as a team. They want to highlight the importance of individual efficiency and building teamwork. 

For students who have graduated high school you’re able to explore these courses. The starting age requirement is 18 years old which allows students to join this 3 month program. If you’re looking for a place to build interpersonal skills and a helpful working environment Weatherford may suit you. 

Blinn College 

Blinn College is an institution that is all about building stronger connections by achieving academic excellence.

They want to shape their students to be ready for the workforce through collaboration and service. This is a supportive environment for CNA students to grow and learn. 

For future CNA candidates the program is set up to showcase basic patient care for the nursing staff. The program focuses on classroom hours, having a bigger emphasis on medical knowledge. They mainly target the nursing facilities to provide a wide range of options for future job hunts. 

Blinn’s program is to help the student as soon as possible. It’s designed to provide local opportunities regarding government and care facilities. If you’re looking for job security Blinn ensures awesome networking opportunities. 

Panola College 

Panola College is known for their affordable educational courses. CNA participants who are worried about their finances can be relieved. The course objectives fulfill most of the state-approved requirements while costing only $530. This is acknowledged as a starting benefit for functional independence.

A possible nurse aide is able to learn effective communication skills and preventative measures to maximize their safety. Panola provides an extensive range of classes a three locations. This can be at your most convenience, allowing you to register at a location nearest to you. 

The Panola system is based on their commitment to learning and financial responsibility. They want to be dedicated to showcase understanding for global communities. For CNA candidates who want to immerse themselves in a diverse and quality learning place choose Panola college!

Lee College, Baytown 

The Lee College, Baytown demonstrates the curriculum of the TDADS nurse state exam. This is the exam that’ll make candidates ready to work in any Aging and Disability Service.

The program is specific to meet the needs of those candidates who want to specialize in a facility.

The CNA clinical training is based mostly on elderly care and supervision. The school is all about achieving the dream in a national initiative to uproot leadership qualities amongst individuals. Through personal achievements and goals the school believes in all their candidates. With this school CNA students can experience a culture with full ambition and pride.

South Plains College 

The South Plains College provides three main facilities for students to work in long-term care, home health, or hospital environments. This is a wide range of opportunities for students to understand how different each facility. The hands-on experience for candidates is a vital part to their skills exam. 

This college creates a flexible schedule for students who want to attend morning to afternoon classes. The curriculum is based on detailed education with work-based training. With a completion of this training you’ll be prepared for the certification exam.This college focuses on the well-being of their candidates. They want to ensure their students are academically challenged to improve their test taking abilities.