CNA Classes in Utah | 10 Renowned Schools for Future Nursing Assistants

Do you find yourself being fulfilled by serving others? What would you say is the most rewarding part of helping people? The Certified Nurse Aide program enables students to refine their passions into a career. If you’re passionate about helping others, the CNA program may best suit you. 

It’ll require a series of steps in order for you to advance in your career. With the proper training program and practice exams you’ll be well on your way in achieving your dream CNA job! At the start of any journey all the steps could be overwhelming, but do not worry because we’ll break down each step for you. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Utah?

Before registering for a program its important to understand the regulatory body. This is an authorized figure that creates the most influence in an exam’s logistics. It can be hard to read through all the fine print, but being knowledgeable can start with the source.

You can begin to look online at the UNAR website that targets any concerns from regulations to additional requests. The regulatory body for Utah is the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. This response was created to be at serves for any CNAs in Utah. 

​Who Administers the CNA Exam in Utah 

The UNAR is also the main administration for the exam. On their online website they provide the state exam guides and further test instructions. For individuals who are finishing up their training they can continue to understand the curriculum through the core guide. 

This guide goes over the main objectives and abbreviations for nursing assistants. It is a vital source of information for candidates to know before taking the exam. The administration provides a thorough outline of which topics to focus on. This step can be crucial for a CNA’s preparation process. 

Utah State Requirements for CNAs 

A great headstart before applying for training school is understanding the amount of hours you’d have to serve. This can be a big component in how much time you want to dedicate to any training program. For Utah’s state requirements CNAs need to acquire 100 hours of training in both clinical and long-term facilities.

Utah State Requirements for CNAs include one year of a valid CNA certification. If you do not end up utilizing this time you will have to eventually retest for the certification process. Understanding the state requirements is important because it’ll help you specify which goals you need to target.

Utah CNA Exam Details

Similar to most CNA tests it’ll consist of two main parts. One will include the written portion and the other portion will be a skills assessment. It’s good to know the exam details ahead of time so when you’re training you can focus on these requirements. 

The written portion will mainly be administered through a computer while the skills test is based on lots of demonstration. Your training school should heavily prep you on the nursing assistant duties. It’s best to get experienced with hands-on experience so you can be fully equipped for the exam. 

How Much Does the Utah CNA Exam Cost? 

CNA candidates will receive their testing material after they finish their training programs. The applications come with a $75 payment and this can be in any form of money. The great thing about previous employment is that you can expect to have these fees covered based on your previous CNA employer. 

It’s important to register for the testing at least two weeks before the due date because they’ll be mailed to you by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. If the candidate does not pass three attempts they’re required to re-enroll within the training programs. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Utah?

Testing locations can vary for anyone. For the UNAR website there is a registration process that’ll allow individuals to locate an exam nearest to them. Prior to register try to see which location will best fit you. The exams are usually held in nearby universities with an allocated time slot. 

You want to arrive at least 20 minutes early with a small snack. It’s best to eat a nutritious meal before the test to make your mind alert and full of energy. You want to double check that you’re bringing your Identification because without this you’ll not be able to continue the test. 

​How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Utah? 

For CNA candidates looking for jobs make sure to consider your location and employer. Based on your employer a candidate’s salary will be heavily impacted. For instance, the programs for governments and hospital facilities may pay a higher price for their CNA employees.

CNAs are eligible for raises with their employer. The average CNA salary in Utah is around $23,110. Within the 90th percentile bracket CNA’s are able to earn as much as $29,060 for their annual wages. It depends on your geographical location as well so keep in mind all these factors before applying for the job. 

CNA Classes in Utah

Utah State University 

The Utah State University emphasizes the important duties of a CNA. They recognize that the responsibilities may vary based on where you choose to work and live.

All nursing assistants need to fulfill the basic necessities for patient care. The good thing about this program is how it provides three main locations for all training schools.

If you have a location preference it’ll be easy to choose from these great three schools. They provide great accessibility to career options through their course sites. They showcase a wide range of settings in nursing homes, hospitals, and adult care centers. For candidates who are still finding their most comfortable place this can be a great school to explore your options. 

The main mission of this school is to prepare students to be filled with passion for what they do. This is also the motto for their instructors. Filling a school with a positive mindset to learn and grow is beneficial for future CNA candidates. 

Dixie State University, Saint George 

The Dixie State University, Saint George provides a great CNA program through their college of health sciences. For high school students who ever had an inkling to go into the health field, they can enroll for college credits. This is a rare opportunity for high school students to take advantage of their future. 

The program is known for their 98% pass rate which has eventually led students to greater employment. The instructors are devoted to give each student the individual attention they’ll need to thrive in any medical settings. With successful completion of the program there is a high rating that students will pass the certification exam. 

This school is all about collective support and empowerment. The way that they carry their staff and their curriculum showcases the amount of dedication they have for the CNA process. 

Salt Lake Community College 

The Salt Lake Community College realizes that in order for students to be successful in the medical field they need to understand the duties of a CNA. The special thing about this program is that they showcase the other occupations that CNAs could apply for.

After a person passes the national state exam the college shows a list of home health aids, psychiatric aids, and physical therapist aids. 

The hourly program is requires more than the minimum, having 150 hours of requirement. This further indicates their devotion to intensive training to give the best outcomes for their CNA students. Also they’re focused on providing financial aid for eligible CNA candidates. 

They can see further questions regarding financial aid through the Educational Benefits. For any students that need further assistance they’re also providing an academic readiness program for tutoring opportunities. If you’re looking for a program that really cares about the accessibility of financial security and readiness this one is for you!

Snow College 

Snow’s college provides an allied health home program that is for nursing assistants, practical nurse, or even a registered nurse. Offering a range of programs, this school is a great resource for those who are interested in the field of nursing. For anyone who wants to further explore their options Snow College helps students understand which nursing best suits them. 

The program recognizes how the demonstration portion of the CNA test can be difficult. Through this their clinical training is more intensive to better prepare students for the demonstration portion of the exam. The CNA training will be the duration of one school semester. 

The curriculum at snow’s college pushes students to challenge themselves and strive for the best. They strongly believe in the concept of equal opportunity for every person. They want the CNA environment to be non-discriminatory and a safe place for students to grow academically. 

Bridgerland Applied Technology College 

The Bridgerland Applied Technology College is an effective program for people who are curious about the CNA process. This is a program that is inclusive to all ages.

Whether you’re in high school or an adult student this program allows you to explore the entry-level skills to work as a direct care provider. 

You’ll be able to participate in a 24 hour clinical experience with professional supervision. This will allow future candidates to understand the amount of work for their CNA career. The great thing about this program is the dlThe great thing about this program is how it offers a flexible time frame for students who are very busy. For those who want to get their certification quickly you can get it around 4-5 weeks. 

This technology college preps CNA students to work in an efficient and fast way. They enable students to understand the in depth knowledge of CNA training. For CNA candidates who are looking for a fast way to earn their certification with rigorous training this program may be the best fit.

Mountainland Applied Technology College 

The Mountainland Applied Technology College provides around five locations for CNA candidates. This is great for students with busy schedules and who’re unable to travel far distances. The program length also offers morning and afternoon classes which is easier for students with night schedules.

This college is all about a low cost tuition with hands-on experience. Following this curriculum will lead to better employment opportunities. Most CNA employers are looking for candidates who are quick to adjust and adapt to new environments. Since this program focuses on demonstrating hands-on experience the candidates will be eligible for higher employment. 

The Mountainland school emphasizes the need for an accelerated education program. They will provide a clinical coordinator for each clinical session will be a great way for the students to ask pressing questions about the CNA process. 

Stevens Henager College 

The Stevens Henager College is focused on making a difference with your degree. The school is confident to make you stand out for your resume.

They want their CNA students to be focused on management to allow them to multitask during situations under high pressure. 

For CNA students, who want to be placed for career advancement this school is dedicated to set you ahead. They want to create their programs for students to have greater job security. The personalized student services and flexible scheduling allows CNA students to manage their own curriculum. 

This school provides further assistance for post grads who have any questions regarding employment assistance. They’re devoted to allow all CNA candidates to be confident in their job search. 

Provo College

The Provo College offers high quality training and education for CNA students. They’ve created a high-caliber curriculum for students to be fully prepared for the exam preparation. They’ve received four accreditations and awards to showcase their overall employment credibility.

The CNA training at Provo college is all about making students feel comfortable and confident in class. This program is good for students who need to follow a step-by-step process in their learning abilities. They’re also primarily known for their financial aid to make as many students motivated and confident to succeed in their educational courses.

Their CNA training is based on front-line patient care. They want to show their candidates to understand their responsibilities and learn effective interpersonal skills. Offering a CNA bridge program, it allows CNA participants to transition into registered nursing by choice. 

This program enables a wide range of options for students to explore the possibilities in nursing. With gradual training, they believe their students will be prepared to pass the exam and get the CNA job of their dreams. 

Ogden-Weber Tech College 

The Ogden-Weber Tech College has a great online registration program for those CNA candidates who are ready to enroll.

They have four main categories for students who want to enroll and also for students who want to immediately apply for financial aid. If you’re a high school student there’s an information slot for you as well. 

The Ogden-Weber college is adamant about providing resources for any type of student. They’re heavily prepared to meet your inquiries if you have need to contact enrollment services. There is an online tutorial for the mandatory orientation video. If you’re a high school or adult student you could see the online checklist before you continue to register.

This program helps students at any age. If you just have any desire to become a CNA student the curriculum is set up to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Murray City School District 

The Murray City School District is dedicated to help technical certifications through several enrollment options. You’ll be taking these courses at Murray City High School. They have career-internship and work-based learning courses. When you combine the CNA training with any of these courses you could increase your job security.

This school believes in educational equity for all students. They want to create high standards for quality learning and achievement. They also want to utilize local facilities by encouraging citizen involvement for CNA candidates. If you’re looking for a program that fits an uplifting and positive environment choose the Murray City district!