CNA Classes in Vermont | 8 Best Programs for Nursing Assistant Certification

Have you ever had a passion for helping people? If you want to put those passions to good use you can consider the CNA career route. The idea of working in the medical field for most people can seem overwhelming. However, the Certified Nursing Assistant requires you take CNA classes in Vermont for less than one year.

Once you pass training school you could well be on your way to take the certification exam. The CNA process is a great option for those who are interested in assisting others. It’s a fairly simple process, with the right training and preparation you’ll be secure a job in no time. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Vermont?

The regulatory body is an essential part of any CNA exam. This figure authorizes and overlooks all the logistics for the CNA certification.

Most applicants my skim over this process but it's important that you understand what the regulatory body does.

The Vermont Board of Nursing is the program that approves most CNA processes.

The operations under this program will provide the general skill sets that every candidate will need. This board will showcase the lists of requirements that are needed to acquire the pathways towards a CNA education.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Vermont 

In Vermont, the National Nurse Aide Assessment (NNAAP) is administered by Pearson VUE and the NACES Plus Foundation. Both facilities are run to assist candidates to complete the exam. For new test takes who want to gain a headstart begin by searching through each administration’s websites.

On the website you’ll find the needed information to further your knowledge on the CNA requirements. Every state has their own set of rules so its important that you look according to the state of Vermont. Their websites will provide you with direct contact and additional information.

Vermont State Requirements for CNAs

Students who are looking to get approved to take the exam must complete at least 80 hours of training to meet full eligibility. The training school you attend will also need to cover at least 30 hours of clinical training. For you to continue onto the exam you’ll need to pass this program with a C or higher.

If you’re coming from an out-of-state program you must confirm if your hours are applicable with Vermont. During these schools the student will generally demonstrate the needs during classroom hours or clinical hours.

Vermont CNA Exam Details 

The state of Vermont requires two parts for the NNAAP exam. Similar to most exams it’ll consist of two parts. For the multiple choice portion the candidate can apply for a oral or written exam. The separate part of the exam is the skills portion. They will demonstrate five main skills or the nursing assistant tasks.

During exam day the candidates will need to bring two signed IDs and one photograph. For the demonstration portion the candidate will need to wear closed toe shoes and the proper attire. Failure to comply by the rules will prevent the candidate from taking the exam.

How Much Does the Vermont CNA Exam Cost? 

Prior to registering for the exam you’ll want to look over the CNA financial requirements. Especially before you register for a training program, looking over the financial details is crucial to earn the certification. The overall examination will be around $130.

You’ll only be able to take the exam only within three attempts. If you want to retake the skills exam it’ll be $95 and the written portion will be $35. It’s important to allocate the proper funds for the examination process.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Vermont? 

In Vermont, it’s best to take the CNA exams at a location nearest to you. The majority of the examinations are available at regional test sites in Bennington, Burlington, Middlebury, and St. Albans. You can select the site closest to you on the website.

During the application process you want to make sure that the location may provide one for the examination and one for licensure. Through the Board of Nursing website you can acquire further information regarding your eligibility status.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Vermont? 

CNA salaries will always depend on your location and employer. These two main factors will greatly contribute to the amount of income you’ll receive. The average salary in Vermont is starting at $16.75 for an hourly rate. The average salary can range between $20,000 to 29,000 a year. 

Your city and facility will play a huge role in your salary. For metropolitan areas the medical centers tend to pay more because of the higher living rates. Hospital facilities and government centers will also secure a strong flow of income.

CNA classes in Vermont

Green Mountain Technology & Career Center

The Green Mountain Technology Center is a program that focuses on technical careers.

They’ve designed their curriculums for students to become easily employed once they receive their state license.

They provide immense forms of financial support for each of their students.
The course load is only a duration of 5 weeks. Most attendees are qualified to apply for the VSAC Non-Degree grant. Also for students who are qualified can get up to 50% of their tuition covered by the grants from the department of labor. They’re even willing to set up a payment plan for further expenses.

This is a supportive school if you’re looking for financial security. It creates easy access to financial assistance by focusing on the needs of each student. This school embodies the attentive care students needs in regards to their finances.
They want to prepare you not only for the license exam but to be financially worry free!

River Valley Technical Center

The River Valley Technical Center is focused on providing care for a variety of patients.

Your training will go over three parts of classroom, lab, and clinical practices. They also enlist the career opportunities of being a personal caretaker or even a sterilization technician.

They have an employment rate of 68% as most of their recent graduates got CNA jobs in Vermont.
This college offers an education that’ll help you learn about employability skills. A big concern for post grads is the fear of no job. This technical center allows students to engage in their readiness by practice. You’ll be able to co-op and earn industry-recognized credits.

The overall mission of this school is to believe in the dreams of their students. For CNA candidates who’s looking for a school that thrives in a welcoming environment this college will suit you. They want to embrace everyone’s different and unique talents through collective empowerment.

Northwest Technical Center

The Northwest Technical Center is all about launching their students ahead. The 3-credit course enables individuals to know all the ins and outs of becoming a nursing assistant.

They want to provide a competency registration form so their students will be ahead of the game thanks to the expert staff at the Northwest Technical Center.

There are three main components why this facility is particularly special. First, they want to give easy access to employment for their graduating CNA students. Looking for jobs and setting up your resume can be intimidating. However this technical school wants to guide you through the process. They want to showcase the next steps for those who also want to apply for the certification exam. The college readiness program also helps students excel in their career choices.

This college focuses on career advancements and propelling students to chase their dreams. It doesn’t only recognize a student’s talents but helps them make it into an actual job. The CNA program is full of great professionals that’ll assist you along the way.

Randolph Technical Career Center

The Randolph Technical Career Center wants to show their range of technical career preparation. They want to give students the opportunities for academic and social momentum.

Their CNA program is known to focus on their students' maximum productivity and future career advancement.

 For the CNA requirements, this technical center encourages students to challenge themselves and use their fullest potential.

The qualities they carry resemble a school that empowers each student to find their own niche. Their mission is to help students become successful CNAs in their respective towns.

Preparing for the CNA exam can be stressful because of all the information you have to memorize. This school guides students with “little extra” job placement to pave their own path in the real world.

Lyndon Institute

The Lyndon Institute is known to have offered their nursing program since 2009. It is a 10 year program that have achieved greater than 80% pass rate for the licensing exam. They want their students to not only be prepared on an academic level, but an academic level as well.

They want to inspire CNA students to focus on their field of interest. The CNA programs offer employment in countless facilities. This school helps students be effective in which program best suits them. For instance, some students excel in elder care while others do better in private care settings. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you.

Their mission is to enable lifelong learning and engagement. When students graduate, it's easy to become jaded, but the Lyndon Institute wants to provide a life-long partnership. They want to promote curiosity during clinical training and collaboration amongst co-workers.

Center for Technology

The Western Wyoming Community College presents a great CNA program for long-term care facilities. They want to utilize one’s interests into an actual career. They recognize job opportunities for CNA assistants and want to guide students to find employable opportunities. 

This college recognizes the wide range of roles that a CNA can add to. Starting from nursing homes, assisted living, to even long-term care facilities, they want their students to understand their best fit. Heavily focused on classroom hours, the instructors want the candidates to be fully aware of the multiple choice portion of the exam.

The graduates are known to have had a great experience working in numerous clinical facilities. This gave them the extra booster to understand the different variations for CNA employment. This school focuses on giving you a well-rounded training with intense academic rigor.

Cold Hollow Career Center

The Cold Hollow Career Center focuses on what students want out of life. Having a 9-5 job may get boring over the years, this college wants candidates to enjoy their employment.

For their CNA candidates they heavily emphasize their training as direct and accessible. They don’t want to burn out their students with too much intensive training.

This school is based on how employable candidates can be after they complete a training course. They want students to understand the individual skills they carry. In order to maximize their skills they want their candidates to excel in an efficient way.

Through the assistant nursing they want candidates to understand the history of medical care. They don’t want their students to complete tasks, they want to showcase the ethical responsibilities of being in the medical field. Through a prerequisite of B or better they want students to be fully equipped for the CNA license.

River Bend Career and Technical Center

The River Bend Career and Technical center provides an innovative curriculum for both high school students and adults. They are inclusive to all ages and want to create an open space for anyone to learn. With an emphasis on practical learning they want their students to take what they learned to the next level.

The classes offered for the nursing assistant position can be found by contacting the location site online. This school emphasizes the need for accessible education for students of all ages.

This is a reliable source for high students who are figuring out what career route best suits them. Also for adults who want to change up their career route you can find a suitable spot through their curriculum. 

Emphasizing the skilled nursing care and dignified end-of-life care is an important part of their staff. Their mission is to provide easy access for residents to feel at ease in their physical and emotional state. They have all sorts of care for seniors to feel like they’re part of the Cedar Hill community.

Specifically, for nursing assistants they want to join a group of caregivers to help with the condition of each patient. The LNA’s (Licensed Nursing Assistants) will be asked to closely monitor their patients and make sure that the patient is provided with the proper nutrition and hydration. The Cedar Hill facility wants their residents to feel at home and complete peace. If this seems interesting to you, apply today and contact their direct employer!