CNA Classes in Virginia | 10 Most Renowned Programs At Present

Are you good at helping people? Do you enjoy serving others? The certified nursing assistant is looking for people like you! If you’ve ever wanted to be in the medical field, but felt overwhelmed by the number of steps you would have to take, do not worry! The CNA path is easier with the help of the best CNA classes in Virginia.

You have to go through two main steps to earn your certification program. First, you’ll need to attend training school and then you need to prepare for your certification exam. Completing a career route can seem intimidating, but with this guide, we will help you every step of the way. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Virginia?

The regulatory body is an important figure that authorizes the main steps for the CNA process. CNA candidates need to understand each standard to strengthen their certification eligibility.

 The main overseer is the Virginia Board of Nursing. They regulate all the standards and certifications of all nurse aides.

They’ve established that for the CNA classes in Virginia you need to acquire at least 120 hours of training. You also need to make sure that you’ll schedule an appointment with the Pearson Vue’s CNA registration. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Virginia

The administration section is vital to understand the exam details in Virginia. The main administration is by Pearson Vue and the NACES Plus Foundation program. They’ll outline the proper steps needed to earn your official certification. The training and eligibility process is monitored by these two administrations.

These two facilitate the measures to register for your CNA examination. They mainly provide online registration through their website. In fact, all you need to do is choose your desired location and date. 

Virginia State Requirements for CNAs

If you’re coming from a different state you want to make sure that your CNA hours are applicable in Virginia. The Virginia State Requirements acquire at least 40 hours of clinical training alongside their classroom hours. They want their nursing aides to be eligible for entry-level health care programs in Virginia.

Regarding state requirements, its best to understand which specific requirements your state needs. Before further registration, you want to go over each state-approved policy as best as possible.

Virginia CNA Exam Details 

For CNA candidates who are planning to register for the exam its best to register for the exam one week before. The Pearson VUE website will have a list of upcoming examination deadlines. The candidate must enter the code for the specific examination application. 

The examination portion will be two parts. One section will require you to take multiple choice and the other part will be an oral examination portion. Rescheduling has to also be done one week before. Absences are only excused based on illness or court appearances.

How Much Does the Virginia CNA Exam Cost?

Before registering for the exam you want to make sure you can pay the cost in full because there will not be an option for multiple payments. The full evaluation is $94 and the skills retake will be $69. The written or oral retakes will be $25. The candidates must plan to pass both examinations during two years.

The great thing about the state of Virginia is that there is no limitation on how many attempts they can take. If you’re a test taker that needs multiple attempts you can sign up as many times as you want. The only exception is for individuals who are employed in nursing homes. They must pass within a shorter time to retain employment eligibility. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Virginia?

You can take the CNA exam in Virginia based on your overall location. The Pearson VUE website provides available registration services online.

The facility will have regional test sites for candidates to choose from. Some available locations include Dublin, Richmond, and Williamsburg.

Through the Virginia Nurse Aides (Board of Nursing) you’ll need to log in to find the effective exam dates. You can also request additional requests through online guidelines. The actual test dates will be shown based on your registration for the exam. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Virginia?

Every CNA salary is dependent on the location and facility you’re placed in. Based on employment requirements your salary may fluctuate. For nurse aides who are placed in a hospital or governmental facilities, they tend to get paid more. This is because of the high demand of all the patients within these centers.

In addition, if you’re planning to be placed in a smaller nursing home, it’ll depend on the number of patients you are assisting. For CNAs in Virginia, it’ll range between $28,650 to around $34,712. Additional factors that’ll contribute to your salary is your education, certification, and the number of years you have spent in your profession. 

CNA Classes in Virginia

Northern Virginia Community College 

The Northern Virginia Community College offers two locations at Reston Center and Woodbridge Campus. Their main focus is to provide quality education for anyone who is considering the medical field. They want to train the next generation of nursing assistants who want to go to health or long-term care facilities.

Their school recognizes that CNAs are one of the fastest-growing professions in the job market. What's more, they want to train their students to achieve independence and efficiency in various working environments. The program will provide you with a competitive edge on the job market.

Many facilities know NOVA nursing academy to offer the best preparation for possible CNA students. This school’s main mission is for students to create a sustainable game plan to attain their desired career.

Tidewater Community College, Norfolk

Tidewater Community College is known to be one of the best training programs in the state. They provide top-notch training with graduating students that achieve up to 98% on their official CNA exam. The Center for Workforce Solution adheres to the same standards as the state.

Their program is all about improving your communication skills and for people who love taking care of patients’ needs. Focusing on compassion, they want to help their students gain immediate employment and preparation.

Almost all of their students are known to find employment after earning their certification. The nursing aide program will take around two semesters. This is a suitable program for those who want to feel fully confident in taking the exam and finding a job right after. 

Germanna Community College

Germanna Community College is designed to prepare students to understand the basics of nursing assistants.

They want all their students to have advanced standing in their eligibility.

The nursing aid program is a stepping stone for students to find an entry-level job.

They’re all about their students choosing who they want to be. Their values are centralized around accessible education for all students. By enabling students with CNA training they want students to enter and succeed in the workplace. The main vision is to prepare their students to build leadership abilities.

For the CNA program, they’re looking for students who want to build effective participation and community development. If you want to be placed in a program that focuses on gaining interpersonal skills and educational development this college will suit you!

Thomas Nelson Community College

The Thomas Nelson Community College emphasizes its quality CNA program. This program focuses on those who want to engage in direct patient care under the supervision of a licensed professional nurse. They have a strong workforce development that requires students to have a 40-hour internship.

With successful completion, candidates can acquire more employment opportunities. This CNA program has a multi-faceted approach for resident care. They want their employees to meet social, physical, and psychological. Their program has a thorough guideline on how to work with residents and patients.

This school wants the best employment opportunities for their students. They do this by preparing them in workforce environments. The administration wants its employees to be aware of how to work with others and how to excel in their field.

Wytheville Community College

The Wytheville Community College want their students to immerse themselves in career opportunities.

For many students who are planning to transfer to 4-year universities community college can seem like a temporary time. However, this community college wants you to get the most out of these two years.

Their CNA program is short-term training with 160 hours of instruction. Upon passing completion they'll assist you to provide basic care for patients in long-term facilities. They have a 24/7 financial aid and support center to answer any of your questions.

This school wants to financially and academically equip their students for success. For CNA candidates who are considering long-term facilities, the Wytheville college trains you to provide basic care.

Lord Fairfax Community College

The Lord Fairfax Community College enriches a positive and caring student environment. They embrace high quality and high performance in their curriculum. For CNA students that want to provide responsive and collaborative engagement.

Their emphasis for nurse aides is that they’ll continue to work on the social-emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient. If you have a heart to work with the elderly this program wants to cover the procedures on how to work with older patients. They want to foster a dynamic learning place with educational opportunities.

During the CNA session, it will consist of classroom and lab skills practice. The student will complete this course at an estimated time of one school semester. They provide great networking opportunities such as the Student Nurses Association that provides leadership and career opportunities for any student enrolled in the program.

Patrick Henry Community College, Martinsville

The Patrick Henry Community College combines both hands-on training to prepare the student to enter the workforce at a faster pace. This a short-term training program with the completion of three main classes. The program is also geared toward long-term hospital facilities for students who are particularly interested in this facility.

This college understands how CNAs are the primary caregivers for patients. They want the CNAs to listen and tend to their patients through different reports and tasks. The occupational objective is based on employment opportunities for certified nursing aides.

The main qualities they want to focus on is communication, compassion, patience, and professionalism. They want their students to alleviate any discomfort for their patients. 

Mountain Empire Community College

The Mountain Empire Community College offers a 10-week program for the CNA certification.

For scheduling, students will be able to choose two options in regards to classes. They provide flexible time frames for all Tuesday and Thursday evenings or one Saturday class.

For those interested in a course, you can attend an informational meeting.

There you will learn more about registration opportunities. They focus on direct personnel to provide their students with the best support needed. Their main mission is to launch students for workplace environments.

The CNA program is helpful for students who are looking to gain leadership and services qualities. They want to emphasize the need for community and cultural preservation by setting up quality education. 

Rappahannock Community College, Glenns

The Rappahannock Community College focuses on bridging career possibilities for their students. They want to emphasize the role of a professional caregiver. By doing so they believe that you can learn the proper skills to help with homes, hospitals, and home-care situations. The benefits of this program are that they focus on offering small class settings.

During intimate classroom sizes the instructors can be attentive and respond quickly. Registration begins during September so make sure you sign up before then. If you’re looking for a college that provides intensive nurse training and responsive supervision this school is for you. 

Southwest Virginia Community College

The Southwest Virginia Community College goes over the fundamentals of patient care and laboratory experience. They provide an intensive unit for the morning, afternoon, and evening care. There are an estimated 60,000 workers who have graduated from their workforce training program.

With community college, it can seem like a short time but with workforce training, you can go to employment right away. For high school students are curious about this program you can explore your interests by taking one course. This school is all about preparing you to succeed and earn your CNA certification by taking CNA classes in Virginia!