CNA Classes in Washington | 10 Great Training Programs To Start Your Career

Have you ever been passionate about helping people? The Certified Nursing Assistant job is all about serving others. If you ever had a knack for helping elders or family members this may be the job for you! The CNA classes in Washington provide a wide range of options for any prospective student.

The medical field can seem overwhelming with lots of steps, however, the CNA program is a simple and direct way to be in the field you love. For CNA candidates who are interested in assisting others, you can begin by enrolling in a training school. After you earn your certification you can test for your exam and be well on your way for CNA employment. 

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Washington?

Understanding the regulatory body for your state is an important step towards your CNA process. This figure will authorize all the rules for the final steps towards your exam. It is important to view this regulatory body as the main resource to call. For Washington, all the CNA certifications are based on the Washington Department of Health and Human Services.

They’ll provide alternative pathways for students that are coming from different states. Before enrolling in a CNA program for Washington you want to make sure that your hours are fully applicable.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Washington?

The CNA Exam in Washington is administered by the Pearson VUE facility. All students will be required to complete the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). Regarding the exam administration its best to search their website for additional requests.

They’ll provide the proper step you need to take to prepare you for a smooth exam day. Their website will provide the fundamental prep materials needed for all Washington Nurse Aides. 

Washington State Requirements for CNAs

The requirements for each state will vary in the number of hours required to take before the exam. For students who are currently, in any military nursing they may be approved for the examination. Individuals who are currently enrolled in a CNA training school they need to complete up to 65 hours. 

They will need to bring the paperwork for their 35 hours of classroom instruction and 30 hours of clinical training. You can also be approved as a home aide or medical assistant depending on your bridging program. Make sure you understand all the steps before registering for a training school.

Washington CNA Exam Details

Similar to most CNA exams your test will consist of two parts. To earn your certification, you must pass both portions of the exam. One part will be a multiple choice or oral form. For the speaking part, you must include short reading comprehension. The second portion is for the candidate to showcase their skills.

The demonstration process is a huge section of the CNA training process. For individuals who are currently enrolled in training or want to be employed this skillset will make you more competitive. You must come well prepared based on preparatory materials and clinical training. 

How Much Does the Washington CNA Exam Cost?

For CNA candidates who are concerned about financial support, you won’t need to worry because your nursing facility may sponsor your exam fee. Individuals who have gone through nursing programs, military programs will need to get authorization before the exam.

Fees must be submitted with the application. The overall exam will be around $110, while the skills evaluation is $74 and the written will be $36. Before registering for your training school its best to see if they’ll cover your fee in advance.

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Washington?

Senior Airman Jaquetta Bice concentrates while taking a College Level Entrance Exam Program test Jan. 3 at Ali Base, Iraq. The 407th Expeditionary Services Squadron Education Center gives service members the opportunity to further their education and career development. Airman Bice is assigned to the 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron and is deployed from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Snyder)

You can take the CNA exams in a location nearest to you. When you go to apply for the CNA exam you can choose the regional location facilities.

To do so, you can begin your application by going on the Pearson Vue website. They will provide a step-by-step candidate guide to begin your process.

If your account has been activated you can continue to log in and schedule a test or change your testing date. Everything depends on the Pearson VUE administration so confirm your account and go from there.

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Washington?

CNA salaries are dependent on the facility you are placed in. A lot of factors play into your employment eligibility. For instance, your location, certification, and facility will all play a factor for your overall income.

In Washington State, the average pay is $27,104 every year. It can range from around $21,000 to $36,000. The CNA jobs in Washington State can be placed anywhere from medical centers to specified living homes.

CNA Classes in Washington

Bellevue College

Bellevue College prepares students to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program exam (NNAAP). They want to provide an inclusive learning environment for any student.

Their CNA program equips students for employment training. You can start from the age of 18 and see if this career is meant for you.

The mission of this school is to provide a welcoming environment that students can thrive in. 

Acceptance into the program is on a first-come basis, so try to apply as soon as the application opens. Bellevue College is great for students who are looking to see if CNA is the right career for them.

The college offers numerous degrees for career training opportunities. For CNA candidates who want to be immersed in a school that’ll prepare them for employment, this school is for you.

Olympic College

Olympic College wants to make the CNA process as efficient as possible. Understanding the busy schedules of all students they want to make a simple, yet effective way to get all the courses completed. The students are encouraged to take all the classes in one quarter.

This way the students will be able to multi-task and exceed the required hours for Washington. The college has a great set up where the students will be able to engage in small classrooms. This will enable the teachers to provide individual attention for each student.

If you have ever been worried about the CNA process, this school will be a great transition for completely new CNA candidates. For candidates who are looking for a school that challenges their students to academically succeed and provides direct guidance, the Olympic College does just that.

​Everett Community College

The Everett Community College covers instructional and interpersonal skills for each candidate. They’re mainly focused on effective communication with clients and families within a professional context. To demonstrate ethical awareness, they want to recognize the role of health care communication.

The CNA program registration is only available during fall. Make sure you’re on the lookout to see which programs you want to register for. The great thing about this school is that for interested applicants they provide three information sessions during the summer. There will be one info session during June, July, and August. This is perfect for anyone who wants to inquire more about the process.

This school is dedicated to their students to gain emotional intelligence to excel in their work environments. Since CNA students need to be constantly around people they want their students to be fully equipped for any working environment.

Shoreline Community College

The Shoreline Community college is a great place for students who are on the search of a quick CNA program. The program is only 3 months with an additional job readiness program. This is a rare opportunity where CNA candidates can secure employment during their certification time. 

They are known for their high certification rate of 87% passing graduates. This statistic is also based on only one attempt for the CNA certification. Accredited by the Washington State Nursing Assistant Commission, this school is one of the best CNA training programs.

If finances are something on the back of your mind, with Workforce Education funding you can qualify for free tuition. The Shoreline Community college creates a sustainable form of education for all students to grow and learn.

Tacoma Community College

The Tacoma Community College is a school that wants to integrate both college and career readiness. They have an Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training which enables students to work towards several many employable certificates. TCC’s new program wants to create a steady course in two quarters.

The nursing prerequisite is required for all fall students who are working to see if CNA is for them. They allow students who are qualified for their I-BEST program. Their tuition is one-third of a state university, making it accessible for most CNA candidates.

Emphasizing the need for career readiness, Tacoma will prepare you for resume and interview skills. Often for CNA candidates passing their exam won’t immediately secure them a job. This is why it is important to have a plan after the certification process to find employment opportunities.

Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood

The Edmonds Community College understands the increasing 20% rate until 2022.

Taking prerequisites for nursing aides are usually offered only during a particular quarter. 

However, this college offers prerequisites for every quarter. This is convenient for students with busy schedules and part-time jobs.

The demonstration portion of the CNA exam can be tricky because you don’t know which skill set you’ll need to perform. Luckily, the CNA program offers clinical externships that will allow candidates to practice as much as they can before the test.

The flexibility of this college allows its students to maximize their CNA courses. The Core Themes of the learning environment include community engagement and student success. An important part of the CNA employment if your ability to get along with people. Through community engagement, you’ll learn the interpersonal skills needed to stand out during your job interview.

Spokane Community College

The Spokane Community College wants their students to provide quality care for each candidate. In only one quarter each individual will gain hands-on experience with patients and co-workers. This program is specifically designed to use the Smart Start approach.

In this way, they will provide two supervisors at the same time so both instructors will be able to share all the instruction for each student to succeed. This curriculum is an effective way for students to ask questions and gain the extra help that they need.

For students who are curious to inquire and desire professional assistance Spokane will provide you exactly what you need. The combination of college readiness and workforce development will make you a strong CNA candidate.

Whatcom Community College

The Whatcom Community College offers evening CNA courses. For candidates who are devoted to their day jobs, the evening classes provides a perfect solution.

You can space out the classes because the clinical training will be offered during the weekend. If the student is successful upon completion they’ll be ready to take the CNA exam with great confidence.

Recognizing the high demand for CNAs in healthcare employers, the Whatcom alumni offered immediate job openings in their local community. This is a rare chance for graduates to easily transition into the CNA workforce. Future nursing assistants, who are considering to have a full-time job right after their certification can heavily benefit from this program.

Columbia Basin College

The Columbia Basin College offers a wide range of nursing assistant information sessions. The benefit of this is that your inquiries can be answered through a program representative. Since these sessions are open to the public any student can attend. People of all ages are encouraged to attend to ease them into the CNA journey as fast as possible.

No matter your age you can always have the opportunity to restart. This program welcomes you and wants to help you right away. There’s a lot of flexibility with this college as they offer applications year wide. You can also be eligible for financial assistance through the I-BEST program.

This college is suitable for students who are just figuring out their career goal or for adults who want to switch things up a bit. The Columbia Basin College provides opportunity grants and even a career coach to give you a headstart for your career. 

Lower Columbia College

For students who want to immerse themselves in curiosity and creativity, this college will fit you.

CNA programs can seem difficult with the required classroom and clinical hours, however, if you choose the right college for you the process will be so much easier.

The CNA program consists of community learning and leadership.

They want their students to be able to jump right into employment after their CNA certification. Through this program, students will understand how to be eligible and qualified for job interviews.

They overview their healthcare careers to exceed the standards of state-approved requirements. CNA candidates who want to attend a program that will make them confident and fully prepared for the exam should enroll in Lower Columbia College.