CNA Classes in West Virginia | 10 Trusted School for Future Nursing Assistants

If you enjoy helping others, you can take a step further and make it into a career! CNA classes in West Virginia offer a wide range of options for students to enroll in training school. Becoming a nurse assistant is a great way to maximize your multitasking skills. You’ll be working with lots of people and assisting their needs. 

Working full time can be repetitive, however, being a CNA can be a great way to have a fulfilling career. After completing the CNA training school, you’ll be prepared to take the exam and soon after you can look for employment. If being in the medical field and working with others, interests you continue reading!

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in West Virginia? 

The regulatory body for each state has a different set of rules. The regulatory body authorizes the CNA requirements in West Virginia. For CNA candidates who want to get a headstart, make sure you look over all the regulations. They will provide a direct path to complete the nurse aide training. 

In West Virginia CNAS are specifically authorized by the West Virginia Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification. For any students who are concerned or need additional requests its best to directly contact their office.

Who Administers the CNA Exam in West Virginia?

As a CNA candidate in training, you need to put in lots of time and effort for the program. You don’t want any of your dedication to go to waste. It’s best to be fully prepared to know who is administering your exam. The Professional Healthcare Development creates the competency exams in West Virginia. 

To further improve your awareness, continue to research on your administration. Being knowledgeable about your administrator for the CNA exam will prevent any additional mishaps, regarding the program. 

West Virginia State Requirements for CNAs 

West Virginia State Requirements want the CNA training programs to be a minimum of 120 hours. They want the schools to at least provide 55 supervised hours of clinical training. It’s best to try to find a school that’ll meet your initial certification process. 

For students who are coming from different states, you can consult with West Virginia Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification if your hours will still be applicable. 

West Virginia CNA Exam Details 

The exam will be split into two main sections. One part will be the multiple-choice written and another portion is a practical skills evaluation. When you’re attending training school, you’ll prepare for the exam through your classroom hours and clinical training. 

The state of West Virginia allows only three attempts in two years. If a candidate does not pass they’ll need to retake the training process. Any further material regarding the exam can find their materials through the website of Professional Healthcare Development. 

How Much Does the West Virginia CNA Exam Cost?

For any students concerned about financial costs you can confirm if your training school will cover the fee. Most training schools can cover your exam fee, but it’s best to confirm beforehand. The overall examination will cost $125 to complete both the written and skills tests. The oral exam will be around $40 more so you can choose the test that fits you best. 

Since many employing facilities have the responsibility of paying for the exam, most students don’t need to worry about the cost. The main financial cost for the student is based on their training school’s tuition and materials. 

Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in West Virginia? 

The test is offered in ten main sites in West Virginia. Before taking your exam you want to locate the best facility nearest to you. You want to arrive at least 20 minutes before taking your test. This will give you ample time to settle in and find the right location. 

The following cities that offer the exam are: Beckley, Buckhannon, Charleston, Keyser, Martinsburg, New Cumberland, Parkersburg, Petersburg, Wheeling, and Williamson. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in West Virginia? 

Every CNA employee will earn a salary depending on several factors. Usually, for CNAs, the salaries will depend on their location and the facility they’re placed in. The average CNA salary in Virginia is $28,650. The salary can range anywhere from a starting of $28,650 and $34,712. Your education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you’ve spent in your program will also attribute to your overall income. 

For future CNA employees it’s best to consider your specialized field, in the best interest of your long-term placement in a job. CNA jobs in Virginia are at high demand and can be easily earned through your training program. Begin to create networking opportunities within your program to have an easy transition into employment. 

CNA Classes in West Virginia

West Virginia Northern Community College 

The West Virginia Northern Community College focuses on the overall well-being of their students. They want their students to be well equipped to promote health in their respective fields. The CNA program is based on acute and long term care facilities. Through the students’ hands-on experience, they’ll be able to be great agents in the healthcare environment. 

To provide physical and emotional support, the nursing assistants must be well aware of their patients need. This school wants to prepare its students as fast as possible by allowing them to work in a range of health facilities. This is great exposure for upcoming CNA candidates because it’ll help them in the long run. 

Earning this certification in a short amount of time takes the right determination. For CNA candidates who are looking for a place to grow and thrive the Northern Community College prides themselves on just that. 

 West Virginia University at Parkersburg 

The West Virginia University at Parkersburg emphasizes the need for preparation in the professional, healthcare environment. The completion of this program will enable high-quality education for CNA candidates. The clinical nursing facilities will be supervised by instructors. This will allow the CNA candidates to further inquire and improve their CNA skills.

This college wants nursing assistants to take action within their local health facilities. Often, after completing the certification program it can be hard to secure a job. They want to offer enough training, so each individual can pave their pathway after they pass their CNA exam. 

If you want to place yourself in a supportive environment, the faculty is ready to be at your service. For students who are looking for a school that cares about your CNA process, continue to check out this program. 

United Technical Center 

The United Technical Center encourages its CNA candidates to treat patients with the utmost care. This school specializes in direct patient care which is great for students who want to learn more about that field. They understand how important it is for CNAs to have a comprehensive overview of classroom knowledge. 

They have designed their program to qualify for the official exam. United Technical Center believes that getting a license to be a nursing assistant is a noble and fulfilling decision. They need to give students the best knowledge to understand interpersonal skills. 

Whether the student is in the workplace or helping their patients’ interpersonal skills are applicable in any field. When placed in the medical field, they want their students to be well equipped to have compassion in their respective facilities. 

Opportunities Industrialization Center, West Virginia

The Opportunities Industrialization Center is intended to help its students become self-sufficient. They recognize the need for students to be effective workers, offering a range of training options. Providing a nursing assistant training course will enable students to explore their CNA interests.

Without the proper certification, a nurse aide is limited in the duties they can perform. They’re not able to work in many healthcare settings. It is important for further CNA candidates that you secure employment after training. Fortunately, this center offers employment security. They want their students to be well immersed in the real world after they earn their certification. 

The level of standard for the nursing assistant can differ for each individual. The great opportunity about this school is that it gives you three main locations to get training. This level of flexibility is a rare opportunity for students to choose a place that is most convenient for them. 

Mercer County Technical Education Center 

The Mercer County Technical Education Center wants to give adults a second chance in their career opportunities. For adults who are already occupied with day job, they give the chance for adults to schedule evening classes. This will help adults integrate a career opportunity for their busy schedules. 

This school focuses on concepts to be successfully employed in a range of medical facilities. With the completion of career training and employment demonstration, they want their students to be well equipped for the workforce. Their mission is to give students technical and academic skills to assist them for job eligibility. 

You’ll need a minimum of 80% to pass the course. They have a gainful employment disclosure for candidates who want to further job security. 

Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia

The Community Action of South Eastern West Virginia is dedicated to helping people, help themselves. This motto is founded on their belief that self-sufficiency is the best policy. For CNA students who want to be an environment that challenges students to be the best version of themselves, this place is for you. 

They want to assist students with every need they have. Usually, a school’s service center is packed with requests, but this center desires to be at your service. Leading with urgency, they are providing CNA candidates with job openings. All you need to do is go to their online website and do a little bit of research. CNA students can find security within this action center and find themselves in a job in no time!

Putnam Career & Technical Center

The Putnam Career & Technical Center is dedicated to providing their students with employable opportunities. They want to start this by first building work ethic within their students. By laying out a strong sense of clinical knowledge, they’ll then launch their candidates into assessing physical, emotional, and even cultural needs of their patients. 

The CNA program is state-approved and wants to debunk any stigma regarding technical training. For new students, the CNA program can seem like a lot of steps, but this school wants to help you in every way possible. 

Integrating both career and training opportunities, they want their students to be strong candidates for job interviews. They believe that no matter what stage of life you’re in you can succeed anywhere. 

Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center

The Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center helps students navigate the job market. After completing a CNA certification it can be difficult to find immediate employment. This is why it is essential for students to begin their networking and employment opportunities early on. 

For future CNA candidates, this school is an effective place that posts employment openings. To adults in training, this center gives local postings about CNA jobs that can best suit you. In the meantime, students can contact the center for a one-on-one consultation to improve their overall eligibility. 

After a training program, it can be intimidating to begin your job searching process, but with these career centers, you can be worry-free! 

Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College

This Technical College also known as the Eastern is all about giving accessible and affordable educational opportunities for students. They want to additionally provide learning for the Potomac regional community. The curriculum is designed to assist students through learning experiences  They want their candidates to be as qualified as possible. They’re committed to giving high-quality training to meet the changing needs of the community and beyond. 

Any additional requirements enable the students to comply with the general requirements of the CNA process. To claim further career mobility and academic study you can enroll in a simple registration process online! 

South Branch Career and Technical Center

The South Branch Career and Technical Center designed an educational program that strives to create the greatest employee development. This program offers education for students to function productively in any field. Their program helps them adapt to a rapidly changing society. 

For CNA students, who are concerned about their employment qualifications, this school will heavily equip you. Their main mission is to help their students succeed in after their certification program. Often after earning your license students can feel lost or in a slump. 

Luckily, this program is devoted to providing fast accessibility for each and every one of their students. They want to promote a positive learning environment for each student to believe in their ability to succeed.