CNA Classes in Wisconsin | 10 Best Training Programs For a Career in Health Care

Have you ever been passionate about helping people? Often people’s passions can become lost in a job they do not like. However, with the CNA journey, you can integrate your love for helping by interacting with a range of people. Becoming a certified nursing assistant will solidify your passions. With a couple of steps, you can be well on your way to earn a CNA license. 

You can begin your CNA process by enrolling in a training program. By doing so you can get assessed with classroom hours and clinical training. After this process, if you’re prepared you can complete your examination. With the proper practice and support, you won’t be far behind from your CNA employment.  

Who Is the Regulatory Body for CNAs in Wisconsin?

The regulatory body for each state will vary. Before you enroll in a CNA program, it is good to research your regulatory body. The regulatory body will authorize the main rules for the CNA examination. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is the regulatory body for this state.

In Wisconsin, all approved nurse training is facilitated through the Department of Health Services. Under evaluation, each CNA candidate will need to comply with their requirements. 

Who Administers the CNA Exam in Wisconsin?

The administration for the CNA exam is important because the full examination will be recorded through this facility. In Wisconsin, the main administration is the Pearson VUE and the American Red Cross. These two figures overlook all the rules for the CNA examination. 

Students must apply online and receive full authorization before taking the test. The test-takers will need to select regional testing sites to confirm their spot. For new test-takers make sure that all your steps follow administrative rules. These steps will save you time in the long run. 

Wisconsin State Requirements for CNAs 

The state requirements for each state will vary. For those candidates who are coming from out-of-state, you must see if your hours are applicable in Wisconsin. For each CNA program, students need to fulfill a minimum of 120 hours and 32 clinical hours. 

In special cases, of CNAs waiting to take the NCLEX or have previous experience with military training, they can be approved to take the test. For new CNA candidates, you need to confirm all these requirements before registering for your CNA exam. 

Wisconsin CNA Exam Details 

Before registering for the exam, you want to go over all the details in the exam handbook. Similar to most CNA exams, the exam will be split into two main portions. The first portion will be either multiple choice or an oral examination. The second part will be the demonstration part in which the individual need to perform CNA skills. 

During the CNA training program, you’ll go through hourly practice for each exam portion. All the skills you learn will better equip you for the official exam. 

How Much Does the Wisconsin CNA Exam Cost?

Each training school should provide the option of covering your exam fee. When you begin your enrollment process you want to confirm if they’ll pay for the fee. The fee will be placed after each examination is placed. The candidates who have received authorization can continue to take the test.

The overall evaluation will cost a total of $115. The skills examination will cost $70, while the written or the oral examination will be $45. The score report will be provided to showcase your overall eligibility.

​​Where Can I Take the CNA Exam in Wisconsin? 

The CNA exam is taken in state-approved locations. It’s best for candidates to choose their location on a regional basis. This will make it accessible for the students, regarding overall transportation. The CNA exams are located through the Pearson VUE website. Each candidate will be able to find their match through their application process.

It’ll be easier for the candidate to choose a location nearest to them. When you schedule an exam there will be a list of regional options you can choose from. You can try to pick a location that will be easy for you to arrive 20 minutes earlier than the exam time. 

How Much Does a CNA Get Paid in Wisconsin? 

Every CNA candidate’s salary will depend on a number of factors. CNA jobs in Wisconsin are at high demand in healthcare facilities. It’s important for CNA candidates to take into consideration the location and type of facility they want to work for. 

In Wisconsin, the average CNA salary is $22,306. It can range from $22,306 to $34,538. Your certification, application, and amount of time you’ve worked will all contribute to your overall salary. Also depending on the facility, you work, your income can vary. For instance, hospitals and government facilities tend to pay higher for their CNAs, while healthcare homes require a smaller staff. 

CNA Classes in Wisconsin

Gateway Technical College 

The Gateway Technical College cares about its CNAs being compassionate and reliable people. They want their students to recognize the rewarding field of helping those around them. The accredited program is all about preparing their students to work in hospitals and nursing homes. Each of their candidates needs to gain real-world experience. 

They want to continue to stress the importance of building your network for future job employment. Fortunately, for their CNA candidates, they’re able to be apart of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). This club offers chances for the students to enter the state and national conventions. 

This school wants their candidate to get hired right after they earn their certification program. To further your education, they care about having the most sustainable post-grad opportunities through job training. 

Madison Area Technical College 

Madison Area Technical College wants to train its students to learn about communication skills. This is a great, applicable skill for all students to understand the working environment. For most CNA candidates, they’ll need to communicate with their co-workers, patients, and supervisors. 

Before registration, they want their students to be knowledgeable about the program’s main criteria. If you’re a student that is interested to work with clients with dementia this school specializes in that training. This technical college has six main locations that offer nursing assistant classes.

It is mandatory that the student has 100% attendance and is eligible to pay all the finances. This school is heavily focused on the immediate preparation for their students to excel in the CNA exam. 

Fox Valley Technical College 

The Fox Valley Technical College understands how the nursing assistant is an essential part of the healthcare team. For CNA candidates, collaborative effort is an integral part of a successful CNA. Everything a nursing assistant does requires them to work with other people. 

Their program is designed for students to tend towards the personal care and comfort of each patient. The school gives multiple career options for students to have job security. Each student can utilize their CNA certification as a health aide or patient care associate. 

This school emphasizes the need for teamwork and self-sufficiency. They want each candidate to be able to cooperate with other people while being an independent worker. The CNA environment will require the candidate to multi-task often, it is important that the student can balance all these tasks. 

Western Technical College, La Crosse 

The Western Technical College wants its candidates to turn their interests into a meaningful career. For nursing assistants, you’ll gain the training to provide direct patient care. Since this is a state-approved program students can be confident to be eligible for the CNA exam.

The program strives to serve students to live responsibly by cultivating their passion. They want to emphasize the need to willingly help their patients and co-workers. 

This school wants to refine the meaning of professionalism. Often professionalism can be based on work manners, however, they want their students to go above and beyond. They want each candidate to immerse themselves in professional behavior wherever they go.

They’ll provide a hardworking environment for students to challenge themselves. If you’re able to demonstrate this sort of confidence, this school would love to continually build your skills. 

Blackhawk Technical College 

The Blackhawk Technical College wants its CNA candidates to pursue their greatest passions. Through this program, students will be able to prepare themselves for the official exam.

The nursing assistant course is regulated by the Department of Health Services.

The special option for this course is that they offer a compressed 3-4 weeks (instead of 9-10). This is a great alternative for those who have a busy schedule. Through intense concentration, students may be eligible to complete an entire certification course. 

They want to provide the best choice for upcoming CNA students. Giving comprehensive learning with affordable education will enable the students to embark on sustainable job opportunities. 

Milwaukee Area Technical College 

The Milwaukee Area Technical College prepares the students to become entry-level caregivers. They’re able to learn the basic nursing skills through this three-credit program. High school students can also enroll in a dual enrollment program to have an opportunity for future employment. 

This is a chance for students to get a headstart in their career opportunities. Another great benefit of this college is their bilingual option. Most programs don’t offer a language alternative, however, this pathway enables students to utilize their second language. 

This school is set to help any age group. MATC’s nursing curriculum is designed to help you succeed and excel as a CNA candidate. 

Moraine Park Technical College 

The Moraine Park Technical College teaches students to perform duties such as vital signs for assistant duties. They want to help candidates achieve their education and employment goals. Understanding, the high demand for CNAs, this school hopes to build their job credibility. 

A big aspect of the test is a demonstration. The skills portion is at random so the candidates will need to prepare for each test. There is also the option of online students to learn remotely through their computer. This is a great option for students who desire to prepare in a designated area. 

This school offers a great chance for applicants to apply from the age of 16 years old. For high school students, who already have an interest in the health field can sign up for enrollment. 

Northcentral Technical College, Wausau

The Northcentral Technical College is interested in gaining students who want to explore health careers. They have six available locations for the students to choose from. This will assist the students to choose a location nearest to them. Additionally, they offer an online course for students to choose from. 

This is a multifaceted program that students can easily thrive in. With all the available options, the students will be able to create a flexible schedule. The courses for this program vary from campus to campus, but with additional requests, you can directly contact the school.

Lakeshore Technical College 

Lakeshore Technical College wants students to have a fulfilling career. They want to recruit students who have a passion for patient care. Their main vision is to enrich lives and strengthen job security. 

If you’re a student who is looking to be surrounded by a skilled and diverse environment this school is for you. They want to integrate innovation and excellence for their students to find a great learning environment. Their CNA program will assist you for the certification process. 

Chippewa Valley Technical College 

With Chippewa Valley Technical College you can start your CNA career quickly. This course is a combination of classroom, clinical, and lab experience. It’ll go over the basic procedures to begin your CNA journey. 

This is a less than one year program that begins in August, January, or June. You can be prepared to gain hands-on experience to improve your employment chances. They have two main locations you can choose from: Eau Claire and River Falls. For any CNA candidate, who wants to immerse themselves in the medical field choose this college.