CNA Classes Near Me | Most Convenient Locations For Future Certified Assistants

Are you interested in becoming a CNA and looking for CNA classes near me? We have good news for you! CNA training is available for aspiring CNAs in CNA training centers. You can take up certified nursing assistant training courses and still work part-time or take CNA training classes near your home. It's convenient and perfect for busy people too.

CNA Classes Near Me

Before an aspiring CNA is allowed to work in a hospital or any medical environment, she has to take classes and finally take CNA certification to acquire a CNA license. But why take classes from training centers, schools, and universities near you?

Many CNAs prefer to look for “CNA programs near me” because they may be taking classes while having a full-time job. It is more convenient for people who have a family and also for parents with kids who would like to pursue a CNA career. Also, for people who cannot commute may find “CNA schools near me,” the best option instead of taking long commutes daily. 

CNA Classes Database

CNA training is available in every city and state. This is a short course that is created for aspiring CNAs to learn all they can about CNA duties and how to properly care for patients. It's tough to look for a CNA program near you, but with a class database, you'll easily find the nearest and the most suitable CNA classes near you.

A database for CNA classes is a list of schools, training centers, universities, and even medical centers that offer training. A useful and convenient database is accessible online and has direct links to the official website of each school or training center or some contact information.  

Most databases are user-friendly as you only need to enter your city and state to immediately look for CNA classes available. But to make sure, you must do your research to looking for suitable reviews, recommendations, and ads and compare schools that offer CNA training to make sure that you're getting the best one.

Get Certified in Weeks

Most CNA classes are short but meaningful, all but the basics or the most important things you’ll need to pass certification and get a CNA job. Yes, it can take you only a few weeks to complete training, and afterward, you can start applying for a license. 

Certification requirements vary from place to place and from state to state, so check the state requirements before you attend any kind of CAN training. To apply for certification, you may need to present your training certificate as proof of graduating from a CNA class and your high school diploma or equivalent. Pay the fees, and you’ll be scheduled for the test soon. 

Certification results will be available in 30 days with the results mailed to your mailing address. If you have not received any mail coming from the state board, contact their office to inquire about the results of your test. 

After passing, your name will be included in the list of passers or a database of passers. This list may be accessed online, which is most convenient for people to check against your work application. 

A Rewarding Career

A CNA career can be described as rewarding as you can work with actual nurses, doctors, and therapists. You'll be learning a lot about all kinds of diseases and health conditions which you can use to prevent illness and promote health in your family.

Your job is also rewarding financially as most CNAs take home $90,000 to $130,000 annually. If you're working in a tertiary hospital, you can expect higher pay and more perks, including free hospitalization, free medicines (which may extend to your family), and free life insurance. Most CNAs who work locally can find jobs in local hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, acute care centers, and emergency response centers.

It is also common for CNAs to look for work abroad. Some CNAs take extra training and get certified to work in the country that they choose to remain. CNAs are sought after in Europe, and the Middle East and CNAs who have longer and more extensive work experiences usually get hired faster. CNAs who work abroad get paid higher may have unique perks like free board and lodging, free meals, free transportation, and free training.  

Certified CNAs

Certified Nursing Assistants Training

Training for certified nursing assistants can take from a few months to a year or two. CNAs are trained for basic nursing duties and, depending on the length of the training, may have classroom lectures and practical training as well. 

Classroom lecture training includes basic or introductory courses about biology, anatomy, physiology, and various nursing topics. Lectures are also about current health conditions and various diseases that are affecting the community and the world. Meanwhile, practical CNA training is taking a student to an actual nursing ward where they will get a chance to handle actual patients and work with an RN or an LPN.

Students are evaluated through written exams and their performance in practical exams as well. Passing this training will earn them a certificate of completion.  

Quick CNA Facts

Still wondering if a CNA job is for you? If you are still hesitant to take on a full career as a nurse or you don't have time to study full time to become an RN or an LPN, then a CNA career could be the right first step for you. Many first take a CNA job and then eventually decide to enroll in an RN course once they have the time and the resources to do so. Meanwhile, many prefer to stay as a CNA and simply enhance their skills and knowledge through continual training usually offered in training centers and schools. And to inspire you more, here are some quick facts about CNA. 

Highest Number of CNA Jobs 

According to a recent count by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US state of Alaska has the most number of CNA jobs at 1,720. CNAs are also taking home more than $40,000 annually or around $20 an hour. The best places to work in Alaska are in metro areas such as Anchorage. 

Second, only to Alaska is New York state, with around 98+ CNA jobs available. The average annual salary for a CAN is around $35,000 or about $17 an hour.   

Highest CNA Wages in the USA

When it comes to CNA wages, New York has the highest offer at $37,000 annual mean wage at around $17.79 per hour. Second is California, with a $35,220 annual mean wage and an hourly mean wage of $16.93.

The most profitable areas where CNAs are found are in the scientific research and development services where CNAs are paid $41,990 per year, hourly mean wage of $20.19. Second only are CNAs in the federal executive branch with an OES designation earning $39,110 a year. Other areas where CNAs receive better pay are in junior colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools and outpatient care centers.

Highest Elderly Population (Age 65+)

Since most CNAs find profitable and rewarding careers in nursing homes, it would be appropriate to find out where in the US has the largest elderly population or people aged 65+? According to the latest tally, more than half of people that are aged 65 and above live in ten states. California has more than 6.5 million seniors, Florida has 4.1 seniors, Texas has 3.4 million, New York has 3.0 million, and Pennsylvania has 2.2 million. As you can see, seniors reside in places where there’s warm and pleasant weather almost all year round. These states are also were many nursing homes are built.

Complete a state-approved CNA training program 

To ensure that you're getting the right training to become a CNA, look for state-approved training. Never trust any quick training or "easy" training that promises employment afterward. These are scams and should never be entertained at all. The only way to get your certificate and to be entered in the registry, you must take an appropriate CNA training program that's approved by the state.

Register to take a CNA certification examination

Once you’ve passed training, don’t delay and get your CNA certification examination right away. This is a written exam that evaluates your learning and your skills. The exam is composed of questions related to everything you have learned from training as well as practical questions about CNA practice. You’ll be taking the exam with many aspiring CNAs as scheduled. Results can take 30 days to be released.

Apply for states Nurses Aide Registry

If you pass the CNA certification examination, you must visit the board and apply for your name to be placed on the Nurse’s Aide Registry. You may also visit the License Verification site if you cannot visit the site personally.

From the site, enter "Profession" as your Nurse Aide Registry and "License Type" as Certified Nurse Aide. Enter your first and last name and your certification number. Every CNA has her certification number. Click the search to find out if your name is included in the Nurse Aid Certification Registry. It can take 4 weeks for a person's name to appear in the Registry.

Maintain active license status

To be able to work as a CNA, you must have a current license. A CNA license is only valid for two years in most states. So before your license expires, you should renew it by visiting a local CNA licensing office and by paying appropriate fees. 

What happens if you do not renew your CNA license? Or if you forget to renew your license? In some states, you can still work up to 4 months without a certification. Some employers are willing to hire CNAs that have not completed their CNA training if they state that they are willing to complete the program in a given amount of time and to pass a certification exam.   

Transferring Certification Out-of-State

Reciprocity is the process where a person can work from one state and transfer to another. CNAs can get their certificates transferred to the new state. 

The first thing you need to do is to visit your state Nurse Aide Registry and ask for an Application for Enrollment by Reciprocity. Most states have specific plans to deal with reciprocity, so you don’t need to take another new exam to get certified. 

It can take two months for CNA reciprocity to complete. Some states will allow you to work with a few restrictions on the time as you wait till your certification is transferred to the new state. Also, it can take time for the nurse aide registry to show your name and details in the new registry.

An In-Depth Look at CNA Classes

CNA classes are offered in all states; you can find the ideal type of class that will meet your needs. CNA classes may vary in content, length of time it takes to complete, the group providing or supervising the training, and where the training is done. 

CNA classes may vary in time. Some classes are short that may be easily completed in a few months. These offer only the basics but may lack in content and may be inadequate to prepare a CNA with proper knowledge and skills for her duties. 

Meanwhile, longer classes extend to a year or more, and these offer comprehensive training, including practical training, where CNAs work together with CNAs and RNs in a hospital setting. This is a good CNA training because it prepares a student through classroom and practical work. 

CNA training may be taken through a training center, a hospital, a community college, university, or an online training center. Online training for CNAs may not be ideal for all students, but it gives a chance to learn how to be a CAN even when you live remotely. People who work full time may study online to learn CNA. But be sure to check if a certificate from an online training class is accepted by your city or state before you enroll.

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