CNA Job Description | The Tasks a Certified Nursing Assistant Performs

Are you trying to find a career that best suits you? A job as a certified nursing assistant is one of the most rewarding jobs! If you have a knack for helping people, the opportunities of a CNA are endless. 

You can explore the possibilities of being a CNA through a training school and hands-on experience. You can find a great range of job opportunities for you. Keep on reading to find out more information. 

Cna Job Description 

Do you love helping people? Our team believes that this job may fulfill your passion! The main responsibilities of a CNA are to help the staff. Also one of the biggest roles is to participate in direct patient care. A certified nursing assistant will include helping the staff and care for the patients. 

You’ll need to abide by the department’s guideline and environmental standards. To upload the comfort and safety of all the workers you’ll need to also understand the daily functions of your department. A job description will help you have a checklist of what to look for when you apply as a CNA. 

What You’ll Do as a CNA 

As a CNA you’ll do a series of tasks to maintain the well-being of your patient. You’ll most likely provide hands-on care such as tasks such as feeding, grooming, and bathing. Additionally, you’ll be helping with medical procedures, dressing wounds, and answering patient calls. 

Depending on your role your roles may be rotated. Turning or reposition bedridden patients will be apart of documenting their issues and reporting to the nurses. What you’ll do may change based on the department you’re in.

What Does a Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description Consist Of? 

The job description will mainly consist of helping to provide the daily living activities for your patients. There’s a wide range of duties for each CNA. An example is serving meals and keeping track of the patient’s progress. 

You are a vital part of a medical setting. Depending on the needs of the medical setting, you’ll have to perform a versatile range of tasks. The job will consist of flexibility within workspace environments and different types of patient care. 

CNA Requirements 

The main certification for a CNA will be shown through your certification and CNA training school program explained in this guide. You want to start to Check out CNA Classes by US states. By doing this you won’t need to worry about getting into a program which requires long hours of traveling to and from. Just pick the nearest CNA training locations.

You would want to have at least 2 years of nursing assistant experience and the appropriate licensing for your requirements. The more experience you have, the more you’ll stand out as a candidate. 

CNA Qualifications and Skills 

There’s a set of CNA skills you want to acquire for your CNA position. You want to understand the basics of anatomy, physiology, and medical terms. Getting to know the legal implications of patient care is a huge part of your process. Understanding the interpersonal skills of a workspace environment will help you with professional and bedside behavior. 

nurse skills

Furthermore, you want to have a consistent flow of multi-tasking. As a CNA you’ll have to be multitasking often, depending on how many patients you have a day. The effective knowledge for oral, written, and reading skills will come in handy as you’ll be writing notes and communicating with the nurses. 

CNA Responsibilities 

As a CNA, you’ll have a wide range of responsibilities that you’ll have to complete throughout the day. On top of all the direct patient care activities, Through adjunct care, you want to administer different products such as non-sterile dressings, heat treatments, or baths, based on the condition of your patient. 

You must understand the protocol of the hospital that you’re working in. Protecting patient information confidential is a strong mandate by federal laws. You also want to continue to report the observations of the patient through logs and records. 

Working Conditions for a CNA 

As CNA you want to take care of your well-being because you’ll be assisting people all day long. You’ll have physical work conditions as you’ll spend a lot of your time-bending, kneeling, pushing, lifting. There’s a lot of lifting such as moving objects that may be up to 50 pounds. 

There’s also a need for mental and emotional working conditions. You’ll be in a position where you have to communicate with the staff as well as the patients. You want to be a good communicator and an attentive listener. 

What Career Paths Can I Take as a Certified Nursing Assistant? 

There is a wide range of occupations you can take as a CNA. Advanced CNAs are known to be able to move to geriatric technicians. This is a position that will benefit you if you aim to move up for higher pay. You can also become a Career CNA which makes a positive difference for the lives of CNAs in training. 

If you want to continue on the nursing route you can move on to more training by becoming an RN or LPN. After working your way up onto these careers you can even further your career goals by choosing administration roles or even teaching roles by becoming a nurse educator. 

CNA Salary 

Are finances a concern you have for your future job? The average rate for CNA jobs is at $28,530. This is a great starting salary for you to further your growing process. Your earnings can also change based on your location and the type of department that you’re looking for. 

The salary will also be dependent on your employer. The top 10 percent of CNAs have earned more than $39,560 which provides exceptional benefits for you to continually earn a raise or a promotion. 

CNA job outlook 

Some of the biggest concerns about completing a program is finding a job afterwards. The job prospects for the CNA are on a potential rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it demands for the profession to rise at 11% by 2026. This is a growing demand for many people to get on board with the CNA jobs without needing to worry about a job opening. 

Our team believes that CNA jobs provide an endless array of options for you to earn the best job for you. Since the availability rate is gradually increasing you have the opportunity to move into better CNA jobs as time goes on.

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